When you need a repair of window on your property in Port Royal, Naples, FL, Innovative Construction Solutions can handle it all.

Innovative Construction Solutions works directly with homeowners and premier builders to meet your window repair challenges and provide highly qualified specialty craftsmen to address every detail of your job.

Window Repair in Port Royal, Naples FLWe are general contractors licensed by the State of Florida who provide superior technical and product knowledge for projects of all scales. Our qualified team of engineers, technically trained field supervisors and qualified installation technicians are the best in the industry.

Are Your Windows Leaking?

Window leaks can cause costly damage to your building, inviting mold and mildew growth, wood rot, and other structural issues. It’s important to address the problem immediately to avoid increasing the amount of damage to the windows and your home. Here are several common signs of window leaking:

Water Stains: You will not always see little rivers of water on the window. Instead, the window may look perfectly fine as the damage remains hidden and goes unnoticed. If you see visible moisture on the inside of a window, on the windowsill, or stained areas on walls that look like they are from water, these are warning signs of a leak.

Missing/Broken Caulking: Caulking is a commonly overlooked cause of window leaks. The outside edges of every window should be properly caulked to prevent water from entering your home or business. If the caulking is missing or broken at the window flange and seams, water can build up on the windows and result in leaks.

Poor Seals: If you see leaks, fogginess or condensation between panes of glass in a window, it means there is a bad seal. This will make the windows be far less energy efficient than when they were new. In most cases, the glass can be replaced without replacing the entire window frame.

About Window Replacement

Replacing windows is a great way to enhance your home’s beauty and make it more comfortable. From traditional double hung style windows, to sliding patio doors and more, our knowledgeable Innovative Construction Solutions team can walk you through the pros and cons of different types of replacement windows to help you make the best choice for your project.

Why Choose Innovative Construction Solutions?

  • Professional expertise — Our waterproofing crews are some of the best and most experienced in the business.
  • A proven record — We have a proven reputation for providing quality waterproofing services throughout the Naples area and are highly rated by general contractors, property managers, homeowners and business owners.
  • Honesty and integrity – In our pursuit of excellence, we do not cut corners. We are licensed, insured, and bonded and have a long list of satisfied customers.
  • Final inspection on every job – All of our projects are given a thorough final inspection to ensure the quality of our work and your complete satisfaction.
  • Customer satisfaction – Throughout our many years in business, we have succeeded in making our customers happy by providing them with premium window repair and installation services at affordable prices.

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