A/C Performance Evaluation

A/C performance evaluation by Innovative Construction Solutions leads to improved performance, lower energy costs, better comfort and a healthier indoor environment.

If you experience humid air; hot, cold or drafty rooms; or excessive dust, airborne particles or allergens in your home, our consultants can diagnose and pinpoint leakage and system deficiencies and help you achieve consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout your home.

System performance testing

  • Performance testing measures the output of the A/C system to determine if it is functioning at full capacity and catches system errors to prevent future breakdowns.

Air leak evaluation

  • A blower door test checks for air and energy loss through leaks in your home’s envelope and duct system.

Infrared thermal imaging diagnostics

  • A high-resolution thermal imaging camera can detect problems hidden within walls, floors and ceilings that are not visible to the naked eye.

Insulation inspection

  • Insulation levels throughout your home are visually inspected to see if they meet recommended levels for comfort and energy efficiency.

Ductwork inspection

  • Ductwork inspection identifies design flaws, leaks and obstructions in ductwork that degrade the performance of heating and cooling equipment, restrict airflow and contribute to wasted energy and polluted air.

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