Construction Services

When we do it, it’s done right.

Innovative Construction Solutions has over 25 years’ experience in luxury home and commercial construction, and we offer the best solutions for installation of windows, doors, waterproofing and roofing. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing one or upgrading all of these components, call Innovative today to help you build your home to withstand the Florida elements.

Waterproofing. Waterproofing is a fundamental aspect of the building envelope; it is the formation of an impervious barrier which is designed to protect the building.  If proper methodology and materials are used, it becomes part of an effective system that protects the building and its interior spaces. We have unsurpassed expertise in waterproofing structures of all types.

Window & Door Installation. Window and door installation is a fundamental aspect of the building envelope which requires expert techniques to ensure the job is done right. Innovative Construction Solutions uses cutting-edge technologies to address the challenges presented with our tropical environment.  When Innovative installs your windows and doors, we integrate them with the same drainage principles we use to protect the rest of your home.  When the conditions exceed the window’s design threshold, our system directs the water outwards instead of damaging your home.

Roofing. The integrity of a roof is fundamental to every building. Innovative focuses on the installation of the highest quality roof systems with an emphasis on durability. Whether you need a new roof, re-roof, or a comprehensive maintenance plan, our team of dedicated professionals will assist you to find a suitable solution to find your roofing needs.