Remediation Services

We fix it, so you can forget it.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides a range of remedies for damage or defects we find in a building. The value of using us for your remediation is the confidence of knowing that it should never need anything more than routine maintenance going forward.

Window & Roof Leaks. Areas close to the roof, windows and doors are especially sensitive to water intrusion and the after-effects such as mold and rot.  Our technicians can locate and resolve any water intrusion issues to ensure a healthy living environment.

Water Management. When improper drainage techniques are used, issues can arise such as discoloration on exterior walls and balconies. We mitigate these issues with unique drainage systems to ensure moisture never reaches materials susceptible to damage.

A/C Performance Evaluation. We’ll evaluate the performance and identify obstacles such as inferior ductwork, outdated equipment and other potential factors.

Air Leaks. Ductwork can be pressurized to determine how much energy is being wasted on maintaining even air flows and temperatures room to room.

Systems Testing. Generator, electrical, and HVAC systems are all vulnerable to serious issues. We have cost-effective options to make them right.

Building Envelope Analysis. Let us examine your building for weaknesses in condition, in design and their potential impact.