Do you have a window leak in Mediterra, Naples, FL, and need repair or replacement? Innovative Construction Solutions can provide either service, and you will not regret your decision. We offer high-quality services and the finest materials for long-lasting building envelope solutions.

The Importance of Window Functionality

Window Leak Repair in Mediterra, Naples, FLThe appearance and functionality of windows matter to a home’s curb appeal, value, energy efficiency, and liveability. Window leaks are common problems that homeowners face. The consequences of unresolved window leaks include structural damage, mold, high utility bills, and more. Call on the professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions for regular inspections or when you identify a problem to repair or replace problematic windows promptly.

The earlier that you can identify and resolve window leaks, the better. Doing so will mitigate the potential damage from the leak. A small leak, allowed to continue, will eventually cause significant damage to the surrounding drywall and flooring, allow mold to grow and sicken your family, and elevate the price of heating and cooling the home. We offer thermal imaging inspections to identify the smallest gaps in your home’s building envelope.

The Causes of Window Leaks

Many different causes of window leaks exist, and the appropriate solution will largely depend on the cause. Whether your window system has aged out of use, been improperly installed, shifted due to weather or home conditions, or otherwise been damaged, allow the team at Innovative Construction Solutions to diagnose the cause, prescribe a solution, and implement it fully.

    • Faulty installation
  • Unlevel or un-plumb situations
  • Damaged or worn-out caulking
  • Defective or worn sealing
  • Window defects
  • Structural issues with the home

If your leak is serious and caused by a structural or manufacturer problem, you might simply replace the unit instead of repairing it. You also might consider replacement if you have older units that lack the advanced energy efficiency available with today’s windows.

Window leaks need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Call on our team for a fast, affordable, and sufficient solution. In fact, with routine inspections provided by our technicians, you can head off leaks before damage has time to occur.

The Benefits of Choosing Innovative Construction Solutions

The choice of window servicer matters. Innovative Construction Solutions has dozens of years of experience in the building envelope repair and installation arena. We’re a sister company of BCB Homes with the commitment and capacity that this relationship entails.

When we provide window repair or replacement, we do so appropriately, conveniently, and affordably. The team at Innovative Construction Solutions will collaborate with you in a way that leads to the best choice of windows and the most appropriate solution to window leaks to deliver a result that lasts for the long term.

Our staff includes licensed contractors across the building trades. We routinely provide services to homeowners and builders in the area and expertise to legal and insurance professionals who require our building expertise, guidance, or testimony.

Reach out to Innovative Construction Solutions to book window leak repair in Mediterra, Naples, FL. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book any of our remediation or construction services. We’re able to handle any size project, from a simple repair to an extensive installation job.