Innovative Construction Solutions is a leading provider of window leak repair for the Grey Oaks community in Naples, FL. We can precisely diagnose and remediate issues with your windows, saving you worry time, and money.

Window Leak Repair in Grey Oaks, Naples, FLLeaky unresolved windows will lead to a wide breadth of damage, including water stains, mold and mildew, carpet damage, and more. Our team will quickly and thoroughly find and fix any issues you have with windows or other building envelope components.

Common Reasons That Windows Leak

Solving any problem begins when you identify its existence and get to the root of its cause. Age, use, poor installation, defective materials, flashing, and damage are common reasons your windows may leak.

Common Ways to Identify Window Leaks

Much of the damage caused by window leaks occurs because the leak goes unnoticed. Subtle leaks are insidious, so homeowners should always be on the lookout for any signs a leak might exist.

Potential signals of window leaks include the following:

  • Water stains/discoloration around the window
  • Weep holes filled with dirt
  • Mold or mildew
  • Window condensation (especially if between the window panes)
  • Air draft
  • Puddles around the window or other unexplained wetness

Repairing a Window Leak

After you identify the source of the leak, you’ll need to fix the problem. While we suggest that you call on professionals like those at Innovative Construction Solutions for an appropriate diagnosis and prescription, some homeowners may choose to attempt to fix the problem themselves.

Seal Replacement – Silicone is an excellent option for replacing worn or old window sealant. Make sure to thoroughly remove the old sealant and clean the area well before the new application.

Frame Repair—An old or broken window frame may cause leaking. When the frame is the problem, you will likely need to call a professional window installation service for replacement unless you have expert construction skills.

Manufacturer Defect

Contact professionals for assistance if the defect lies with the window, the house wrap, the flashing, or another window component. We can quickly and conveniently resolve these problems without causing further damage.

The Best Approach: Prevent Window Leaks

Routine Maintenance

Pay attention to the condition of your windows and the area around them. If you see signs of wear or an active leak, take action. Small leaks become more prominent and cause more extensive damage as time goes on. We suggest that you book routine diagnostic inspections with Innovative Construction Solutions to find even hidden leaks and resolve these problems as early as possible.


Window care and waterproofing measures are essential to the continued health of windows. To ensure they remain healthy and functional, keep weep holes clear, install flashing, maintain sealant, and inspect regularly.

Book Professionals for Window Repair

Your home’s windows are vital structural components. When repair or replacement becomes necessary, book Innovative Construction Solutions. We have decades of experience, the appropriate tools, and advanced inspection equipment, making us the ideal service provider for any issue with your windows—from a small leak to complete replacement.

Home security, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, visual appeal, and light quality are all affected by your home’s windows. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book window leak repair or any other related service in Grey Oaks, Naples, FL. Innovative Construction Solutions will not disappoint in the quality of our work, our professional demeanor, or our respect for your time and budget.