Innovative Construction Solutions provides homeowners with an effortless avenue for window leak identification and repair in Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL.

Who We Are

Window Leak Repair Aqualane Shores, Naples, FLThe staff at Innovative Construction Solutions consists of building professionals from every industry sector. Our professionals provide valuable inspections, feedback, and suggestions for lasting and effective solutions. We can even serve as facilitators for various vendors your home maintenance may require.

In addition to window and roof leaks, we check for water management, A/C performance, air leaks, system testing, building envelope evaluation. We also provide waterproofing, roofing, and window and door installation services

The Best Processes for Leak Inspections

The professional inspector who comes to your home from Innovative Construction Solutions will use various techniques. Using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, infrared imaging is the most technically advanced measure for inspections. Using this high-tech camera allows technicians to identify issues without causing damage to the window, and it can gauge the amount of damage done by leakage.

Another step we take to evaluate the health of your windows is to check the exteriors. We place a spray rack where the leak is thought to be. Visual observation during constant water spray will verify or disprove the presence of a leak.

Potential Causes and Solutions for Window Leaks

Leaks around windows are a fairly common issue with homes, but there can be many causes.

If the water is coming in around the window, the cause could be failed caulking or other sealants. The solution to this diagnosis is easy: remove the old sealant and replace it.

Leaks from the top of the window could be caused by a problem that occurred during installation involving either the flashing or the house wrap. This solution is far more complicated than aged caulking and should be approached from a professional skill level.

When you find that the window leak comes from the bottom, you could be facing a few different issues. One such problem is clogged drain holes at the bottom of metal or vinyl frames. A bottom leak could also be due to the sill pan or an incorrect window sill slope.

A water leak that occurs between the panes of a double-paned glass window is almost always caused by the degradation of the glass seal. While water may not enter the home because of this problem, it indicates that the window’s energy efficiency is negated.

Homeowners may be afraid they have a leak from moisture caused by condensation. Rather than indicating a leak around the window, this situation demonstrates that the home’s interior is too humid or the window area doesn’t have enough insulation around it.

Once the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions diagnoses the problem, we can then prescribe a solution.

Neglecting home inspections will mean that you find window leaks later rather than sooner. Over time, window leaks can lead to serious damage to the home’s interior. Reach out to Innovative Construction Solutions for a worry-free inspection service to identify and repair a window leak or other home problems in Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL: (239) 384-5890.