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Signs You May Need Window and Door Replacement

If you’re in an older home, you should really pay attention to the way your doors and windows perform. Unfortunately, most people do anything but. They simply take them for granted. If you pay attention, however, you might be able to notice some indications that they might need to be replaced.

If you notice any of the following, get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions for window and door replacement.

  • If you see any kind of warping in your window frames, that could mean the wood has started to rot, and will eventually fail. Rot is extremely hard to reverse, so you will likely be much better off in the long run simply getting new windows instead of having them repaired. A repair would, at best, only be a short-term fix.
  • Have your energy bills started to get higher in recent months? You’ve probably been used to steady, consistent bills from month to month. But if that bill has unexpectedly jumped, there’s a chance your doors and windows might at least be partially responsible. Air could be getting into both of them. When the weather is cold, that means your heater will have to work harder than normal. When its hot, your AC is having to do the same thing. New windows and doors will keep the outside air where it belongs – outside your home.
  • Another common indication new windows are needed is if they’re difficult to open or close. There’s a chance that they might have been accidentally painted shut, but it could also mean there’s something wrong with the frames.
  • Do you notice any warping or cracking in any of your doors? Then a replacement will definitely be in order. Not only does this mean air is getting into your home, you will also be more prone to an infestation of insects that could damage its structure.
  • Another sign a door replacement will be needed is squeaking or sticking. If you find it harder to open your door than normal, or you hear odd sounds, that could be a sign of failing wood or worn-out hinges. These problems will only get worse as time goes on.
  • Yet another indication is a door that scrapes the floor when you open it. This also means that the door is warped. If you don’t replace it, that could lead to permanent floor damage. Warped doors don’t only look bad, they also allow potentially damaging moisture to get in your home.

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