Window & door Armor Screen protection for your home in Naples, FL, is an essential part of any quality home in Southwest Florida, and Innovative Construction Solutions brings the technical skill and experience needed for an appropriate installation. Unfortunately, storms happen; allow us to help you prepare.

Introducing Innovative Construction Solutions

Window & Door Armor Screen Protection Naples, FLInnovative Construction Solutions, the daughter company of BCB Homes, provides remediation and construction services for homes throughout Southwest Florida. This area’s turbulent weather demands particular durability when strong winds blow, and our focus on perfecting the building envelope and systems of every home we service fulfills this need.

Our mission is to help ease the burden of home ownership while prioritizing the home’s life, appearance, functionality, and maintenance.

Armor Screen Protection for the Home

Learning from past storms led to the development of Armor Screen protection. This revolutionary tech is the sole protection system on the market able to prepare your home thoroughly for future storms.

Armor Screen is a fabric system for protection during hurricanes and other intense storms. The fabric is made to cover openings, fastened down to stay put during bad weather, and protects from winds and the objects they send flying. These systems work for windows, doors, patios, and more.

American-made Armor Screen products are so impressive that they have been required by insurers in the past and have been shown to survive a Cat 5 hurricane damage-free and tested to suffer winds greater than 276 mph without damage. Furthermore, this technology has extended protection from UV rays for greater energy efficiency. In addition, homeowners can choose the convenient deployment options and the transparent configuration to protect their patio furniture on rainy afternoons or limit the afternoon sun.

This protection works because the patented fabric design is interwoven and incredibly strong. In addition, high-Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved Armor Screen Protection adheres to the sky-high standards of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Armor Screen fabrics are rated for impacts from large objects and are worth the investment to protect your home.

Weather mitigation is the purpose of Armor Screen technology, with screens designed to protect from thunderstorms, heavy rain, and other instances of inclement weather.

Armor Screen Products:

  • Buckle & Strap System – This window shutter system has been available since 1998 and still leads the market in hurricane resistance.
  • Grommet System – This system is ideal for windows and doors with a 12′ span, various anchoring options, and various weather control functions.
  • Hemcord System – This system is easy to use and strong enough to protect from objects sent flying during stormy weather.
  • Roll-Up System – This system can be either electronically or manually operated, protecting substantial openings. This system works well for outdoor spaces and second-floor windows.
  • I-Beam System – This system blends the strength of the Buckle & Strap System and a sliding track, working well to protect a patio or balcony.

Additional Services from Innovative Construction Solutions


  • Window and Roof Leaks
  • Water Management
  • A/C Performance Evaluation
  • Air Leaks
  • Systems Testing
  • Building Envelope Analysis


  • Waterproofing
  • Window and Door Installation
  • Roofing

For serious protection during hurricane season, rely on Innovative Construction Solutions to install Armor Screen products to a window, door, and other areas of your Naples, FL, home. For more information or to schedule a service or inspection, call us at (239) 384-5890 or click here.