After a storm, call Innovative Construction Solutions to check for window damage to your home in Naples, FL. Windows are vital to the comfort and longevity of your home, and damage to them can go unnoticed without expertly provided inspection.

Check Your Home After a Storm

Window Damage After a Storm Naples, FLOnce the skies clear and you can safely exit your home, go outside to evaluate the property’s condition. If you have downed power lines or flooding, call for emergency assistance. You can also check for limbs, trees, damaged shingles, and other wind-blown objects. Innovative Construction Solutions can provide a home inspection for peace of mind following damaging weather.

Damage from Hail

Hail damage will be apparent, and you will have heard it falling against your home during the storm. Window damage may include shattered glass, broken screens, and dented flashing and framing. 

Damage from Wind

The winds from storms are as likely as hail to damage windows. While some damage will be as obvious as shattered glass, other small cracks may miss your inspection. 

Damage from Water

Water will cause mold and mildew, leaving your home’s interior air unhealthy, leading to respiratory problems for your family. Water damage can be much more difficult to identify. In fact, it may take a trained inspector. Resolving water damage quickly is essential to the health of your home. 

If you see condensation between the panes of glass, discoloration on the walls around the windows, or damaged carpet on the floor, you likely have an issue with your windows. 

Call Innovative Construction Solutions

The crew at Innovative Construction Solutions consists of specialists that run the gamut of the building sectors – including design, architecture, construction, and inspection. We regularly work for homeowners, builders, insurance companies, and attorneys, providing our skills and expertise.

For Window Inspection and Repair

Remediation and construction services from Innovative Construction Solutions will protect your home from long-term damage by inspecting and repairing the components and systems of your home. Make us your first call after a storm passes through.

Testing your windows for water leakage as soon as possible minimizes the potential for mold, frame damage, ruined paint, and destroyed carpet. An Innovative Construction Solutions tech will position a specially designed spray rack and visually watch for signs of water intrusion, but that’s not the only method of inspection we use.

The FLIR thermal imaging cameras we employ will identify even the most minor defects in your window frame or glass and the rest of your building envelope. This advanced technology is an efficient and non-invasive way to identify the source of the problem and its extent. With this precise diagnosis, the repair can be done faster and cheaper.

For Window Installation

If your windows are beyond repair after a storm, take the opportunity to upgrade to energy efficient windows. We’re well-versed in installing all types of windows and will be happy to guide you through your options as you choose the right windows for your home and preferences. 

Innovative Construction Solutions offers inspection, repair, and installation services for residents of Naples, FL, to prevent window damage after a storm from worsening. Learn more about our services and our company by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here.