Property owners in the Fort Myers, FL, area should protect their homes and businesses by calling in the experts at Innovative Construction Solutions after a storm to evaluate and determine any presence of window damage or other issues with the protective building envelope.

Window Damage After a Storm Fort Myers, FLInnovative Construction Solutions brings a wealth of experience, advanced technology, and a relationship with the best builders in the area, BCB Homes, to every project. Homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, and more count on our expertise and ability. 

Your home’s building envelope acts as a shield, protecting your family and your possessions from the elements. Intense storms can penetrate this shield, especially at vulnerable points like windows. Unfortunately, much of the damage may go unnoticed by an untrained eye. You may easily spot and repair significant, apparent defects, but minor problems can quickly become substantial without intervention. 

Signs to Watch Out For

Protective measures help, but they don’t always prevent storm damage. In the immediate aftermath of a storm, check the window casings and look for broken glass. If you observe a broken pane of glass or a damaged frame, make sure you board the window. Doing so is also an excellent protective measure, even if you don’t SEE any damage, to protect your property until Innovative Construction Solutions arrives.

Methods for Handling Storm Damage

One of the first things to do once it’s safe to go outside after a storm is to take pictures. Documenting damage as quickly and accurately as possible is critical to insurance claims, and it’s also helpful if you have current images from before storms. 

Innovative Construction Solutions regularly works with insurance companies as experts on their behalf. We can be helpful in this regard, performing inspections and repairs and providing the needed paperwork to expedite claim processing and payment.

Detection of Water Leaks

The infrared imaging equipment that we use at Innovative Construction Solutions is the most advanced available and provides results regarding precise leak location and the extent of the damage caused by the break in coverage. 

The spray rack is another piece of equipment that we use to identify water infiltration. By spraying water at all angles in the direction of your windows and then carefully observing the effects, you’ll be able to spot instances of damaged exterior building coverage.

Innovative Construction Solutions will also thoroughly check for any issue related to production and installation. These inspections will include the alignment of the window, its caulking and sealant, the glass seals, and known manufacturer problems.

Water intrusion into your home can cause quite a bit of damage to the structural integrity of the house and lead to mold and pests. You can prevent these issues by finding and repairing water intrusion problems early.

Our advanced equipment can find leaks over the entire building envelope, including the windows. Repairing any problems and installing appropriate sealing will improve the air quality of your home, lower the costs of temperature control, and keep water intrusion from causing further destruction to the house.

For your home inspection and repair needs after a storm in the Fort Myers, FL area, call on Innovative Construction Solutions concerning window, door, roof, and other damage. Call us at (239) 384-5890, or complete our contact form for a booking.