Window damage is a common problem after a storm blows through Bonita Springs, FL. High winds can turn small and large obstacles into projectiles and cause significant damage. Innovative Construction Solutions stands prepared to inspect your home for damage to windows and the rest of your building envelope and provide resolution for issues found.

Window Damage After a Storm Bonita Springs, FLDamage to windows isn’t always easy to detect. Tiny defects in the frame or glass can lead to substantial home damage over time. Our techniques will spot any problems early before issues have time to explode in extent and repair expense.

Inspections After a Storm

From the outside, an inspection of your home will check for any slight or significant aesthetic ding to the glass or the frame. Storms can cause the frame to shift or break, particularly if the sealants have already deteriorated, as often occurs with older, classic homes, and the high winds of storms can make this damage far worse. 

When the winds from storms blow and howl, window glass may shatter and crack, and frames may warp and break, so a quality inspection must follow an intense storm. 

If hail occurs during a storm, the damage can also be substantial. Rather than wind picking up projectiles, the storm itself produces them, putting all window components in harm’s way. 

The inspection methods we use at Innovative Construction Solutions encompass advanced technology and time-honored techniques. We employ advanced thermal imaging to spot hidden breaks in the building envelope and standard tools to demonstrate water intrusion visibly. The thermal imaging methods are as non-invasive as you’ll find, showing the exact location and extent of the damage. 

The longer it takes to prevent water intrusion, the greater the damage. Carpets, wallpaper, paint, and framing can be corrupted by water, and mold will grow. We can identify all of the problems that occur, and we can remediate all except for mold. We can offer referrals but not a service that takes care of mold growth.

Recovery After a Storm

If the glass panes of your windows are broken, have them replaced as soon as possible by qualified professionals. Innovative Construction Solutions’ trained techs will install upgraded, energy efficient windows for lower utility usage and a more comfortable, healthy home. 

We’ll also fix any damage to the frame or flashing of your windows, keeping water from intruding into your home. 

Choose Us for Post-Storm Inspection and Recovery

Innovative Construction Solutions’ team includes experts from every sector of the building trades. We’re experienced and prepared to thoroughly check for problems, fix them, and remediate the damage resulting.

Signs that you should call Innovative Construction Solutions if you choose to take a wait-and-see approach after a storm is likely seeing the water itself.

Seeing water on the window or walls is a clear sign of a problem, but you may also see rivulets of damage where water routinely trickled down the wall or damaged wallpaper or paint.

Before another storm rolls through, examine the caulking around your windows. Damaged caulking and defective materials will make damage more likely.

Appropriately installed windows are your best bet against water damage, and Innovative Construction Solutions is your best bet for this installation to occur.

Book an inspection with Innovative Construction Solutions to protect your home from the dire consequences of window damage after a storm hits Bonita Springs, FL, or the surrounding area by calling (239) 384-5890 or following this link.