Protect your dream home in Bonita Springs, FL, with window and curtainwall testing completed by Innovative Construction Solutions. The high-level, technically-advanced, non-invasive evaluations will screen for deficiencies before they can cause substantial problems, and the service comes with professionalism and expertise.

Window Curtainwall Testing Bonita Springs, FLProtect the investment you’ve made in your luxury home with preventative inspections and care. The team of building science experts at Innovative Construction Specialists is experienced and armed with the most advanced technology in the industry. We diagnose and repair minor issues before they can lead to system failure or structural damage.

The Remediation Services that we offer include:

  • Systems Testing
    • A/C
    • Generator
    • Electrical
    • Roofing and Tile
  • Window and Roof Leaks
    • Visual Inspection
    • Infrared Imaging Leak Detection
  • Water Management
    • Diagnosis and custom drainage solution
  • Building Envelope Analysis
    • Water and Air Infiltration Testing
    • Blower-Door Depressurization
    • Infrared Thermography
    • Moisture Mapping
    • Temperature and Humidity Readings
    • Roof Surveys
    • Evaluation of Mechanical Systems
    • Construction Defect Investigation
  • Air Leaks (Pressurized, smoke, and infrared testing for detection)
  • A/C Performance Evaluation
    • System Performance
    • Air Leak Detection
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnostics
    • Insulation Inspection
    • Ductwork Inspection

The Construction Services we supply include:

  • Waterproofing – implementation of an impenetrable waterproof barrier of protection
  • Window and Door Installation – proper installation is essential to prevent damage
  • Roofing – new roof, re-roof, or complete maintenance plan

Curtainwalls are structural components of buildings that facilitate floor-to-ceiling windows and provide separation between the exterior and interior of the structure. However, curtainwalls never serve as support for the floor or the roof. They are constructed as thin frames and filled with glass, metal, etc.

Curtainwall testing simulates extreme weather situations within a climate to ensure that the structure will withstand such events. Curtainwall testing will check for water or air leakage, whether for quality assurance or diagnostic purposes. We use thermal imaging equipment and pressure gauging, and tried-and-true classic methods. The expertise and skill required for these efforts blend the application of science and artistry with creative thinking.

Following any repairs or renovations, repeated curtainwall testing is appropriate to prove that the repair worked and that no damage occurred.

Innovative Construction Solutions as the Best Choice

  • Our team’s cutting-edge, modern technology balances craftsman-level expertise and artistry.
  • The certified professionals within our team specialize in detecting water and air intrusion with luxury custom homes and commercial buildings.
  • For over 25 years, Innovative Construction Solutions has provided client-centered, results-based service devoted to providing our customers with comprehensive service.
  • Timely service is essential for home diagnostic testing. We evaluate and deliver feedback in an expedited and efficient fashion.
  • Each project has a dedicated team that will deliver accountability and quality results. No detail will fall through the cracks, and no standard will be unmet.
  • Limited disruption to your schedule and daily life comes from a team dedicated to working under tight schedules and in a manner that works with your lifestyle and to-do list.

Expertly applied window and curtainwall testing from Innovative Construction Solutions will protect your Bonita Springs, FL, home or commercial building from water or air intrusion damage. This type of preventative, diagnostic, and quality testing ensures that your home construction is up to the challenges imposed by the climate of Southwest Florida. Secure your place on our calendar by calling (239) 384-5890 to schedule service or pose any questions you might have.