Innovative Construction Solutions provides whole home renovation, construction and renovation services, and more out of Naples, Fl. As a daughter company of BCB Homes, we bring professionalism, building mastery, and advanced techniques to the table.

Whole Home Renovation Naples, FlThe team of experts you’ll find at Innovative Construction Solutions brings specialized skills across the building trades to your home’s renovation efforts. We strive to satisfy our clients by paying attention to details, scheduling, and consideration.

Renovation of an entire home may seem like too much to undertake simultaneously. Still, we at Innovative Construction Solutions can pursue the project and reach completion on budget and on time without sacrificing design quality or structural integrity.

On the Fence?

If unsure of the risks versus rewards of an entire home renovation, consider all the advantages of choosing this route.

Saving Time – Surprisingly, approaching the entire house or condominium at once is faster than remodeling section-by-section. Our team will be able to give you an accurate scheduling estimate after reviewing your home as well as the changes you’d like to see implemented.

Saving Design Unity – A unified design is critical, but keeping the look seamless can be difficult with a piecemeal approach to renovation. From paint colors to flooring, keeping the look the same throughout the home requires synchronous service. The design can also be unified when considered all at once, allowing you to adjust layouts where possible.

Saving Functionality – An approach that considers the entirety of your home, and your lifestyle, benefits the entire family. This method allows you to maximize the potential for entertaining, cooking, gaming, or presenting prized collections in a way that upgrading one room at a time simply can’t.

Saving Money – Staying on budget is yet another benefit of choosing to renovate your entire home at once. Doing one space at a time will invariably result in spending more than you originally intended. Being aware of how much the entire process will cost will encourage budgetary mindfulness in a way that successive smaller budgets do not.

Plan a Whole-Home Renovation

Innovative Construction Solutions is the leading source of renovation services. We also provide a broad menu of construction and remediation services, with a level of customer service meant to give you an effortless, well-managed experience.

Remediation Services offered include:

  • Window and roof leaks
  • Water management
  • A/C performance evaluation
  • Air leaks
  • Systems testing
  • Building envelope analysis
  • Roof inspection and repair

Construction Services include:

  • Waterproofing
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Window and door installation

Why Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

Expert-Level Professionals – Our team is skilled and armed with both construction mastery and advanced techniques and tools for the job.

Impressive Reputation – Among the building providers of Southwest Florida, Innovative Construction Solutions and our parent company, BCB Homes, have a reputation that is hard-earned and well-known throughout the elite neighborhoods of the region.

Client- and Quality-Focused Efforts – When we provide services to customers, we focus on what they prefer and what will produce the most durable, functional, and appealing result for every homeowner.

Thorough Inspections – The details matter, and our homeowners find that we pay attention to every component of the renovation, leaving their homes in perfect condition.

Whole-home renovations in Naples, Fl, deserve the skill and dedication of our team at Innovative Construction Solutions. Learn more today by calling (239) 384-5890, or click here to contact us.