Waterproofing services in Naples, FL, will protect your home from the unfortunate consequences of water damage. Innovative Construction Solutions is the region’s best provider of this type of service. We also provide inspections, repair, and construction for properties of all types.

Waterproofing Services in Naples, FLMaintaining the ideal condition of your home is the best way to preserve its structure. Allowing small elements to go without care will lead to larger problems. The longer you wait, the greater the problems and the more expensive the solutions. With Innovative Construction Solutions’s affordable home inspections and waterproofing services, the proactive approach will benefit your home. Prevent the problems altogether or identify them as quickly as possible.

Preventing the accumulation of moisture, water damage, and rot that comes from uncontrolled water intrusion is a primary benefit of waterproofing. Innovative Construction Solutions technicians have the most up-to-date training, tools, and materials. They’re prepared to waterproof windows and doors, balconies and decks, tile and stone, Hardie board, exterior walls, below-grade spaces, planters, and more.

Our team comprises professionals across the building trades – a diverse range of architects, landscaping professionals, engineers, general contractors, and project managers.

Damp basements, damaged wall finishes, flooring and foundations, mold, and other moisture-related issues are the consequences of failed waterproofing. We encourage you to recruit Innovative Construction Solutions to prevent these consequences.

The causes of water intrusion include the clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure. The clay bowl refers to the soil around a home being less packed than the soil farther away, causing the water to pool close to the house and increase the pressure on foundation walls.

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that comes from the soil’s weight due to water saturation. It can force the water into the home through slight gaps, cracks, and areas around windows.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions for the following key reasons:

  • Fine materials – we use the best sealant, caulking, and other waterproofing materials, as well as the most advanced diagnostic tools
  • Quick service – we work quickly and leave no evidence of our presence other than our repairs
  • Cost-effective solutions – consider the quality of our work alongside the potential costs of doing nothing
  • Locally owned and operated – we’re a BCB Homes subsidiary operating out of Naples, FL
  • Free quotes – call for a quote
  • Warrantied service – we stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our work.
  • Proven history – 25+ years of successful operations

The comprehensively licensed, bonded, and insured specialists at Innovative Construction Solutions await the opportunity to produce superior results for your home. We will evaluate, diagnose, and repair water-related issues other than mold. We do not provide mold abatement, but we can refer you to a team and then provide repairs for the damage during the abatement process.

Appropriate waterproofing reduces maintenance, improves the aesthetic appeal, and strengthens the durability of home features. If you notice water stains, pooling water, leaks at entrances or doors, wood or dry rot, cracked grout, cracked tiles, blistering paint, weak joints, or other signs of water exposure, call Innovative Construction Solutions.

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