Testing for water intrusion is an essential step for homeowners in FL, and the testing programs provided by Innovative Construction Solutions identify even the slightest vulnerability. The mission of all of our services is to protect the home’s structure, functionality, and comfort. When we identify issues promptly, they won’t become major issues with significant consequences.

Water Intrusion Testing Testing, FLInnovative Construction Solutions provides services driven by a dedication to the homeowners of Southwest Florida. Like our parent company BCB Homes, we work to high standards and combine technical advancement and master craftsmanship for each job.

The staff here at Innovative Construction Solutions is licensed and experienced. We provide highly qualified professionals who operate with a combination of skill and customer-focused processes.

Hunting for Water Infiltration

The earliest you can find areas where water infiltrates into your home, the faster you can repair it and prevent damage. When inspecting problematic areas, we use the best instruments on the market and old-school master techniques. For example, our FLIR thermal imaging camera will find places where water intrudes into the home.

This advanced technology allows us to search for problems without having to cause damage or risk overlooking areas that aren’t severe enough to see with the naked eye.

Finding Water Intrusion in Roofs

Every instance of leakage in the roof of a home needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If the leak goes unnoticed, which is easy to do when it’s a small leak, it can be disastrous and expensive.

We at Innovative Construction Solutions suggest regular inspections to find instances of water intrusion. Still, homeowners should also know what to look for daily that ought to trigger a call for repair. These include apparent damage to the roof, like flashing, shingles, or tiles that appear to be in ill repair, standing water, mold, wallpaper damage, water stains, cracked paint, and other damage caused by water or moisture.

Finding Water Intrusion in Windows

Innovative Construction Solutions also uses thermal imaging technology to detect water intrusion around windows. Our methods include physically spraying water at the window through various angles to physically watch for water intrusion.

As we find leaks, we can also identify the problem. For example, water intrusion at windows could be due to inadequate installation, failed sealant, manufacturing issues, damaged seals, caulking problems, and more. Innovative Construction Solutions offers waterproofing services that will resolve any of these problems.

Suspect water intrusion into your home? Reach out to us as soon as possible. The faster the problem is fixed, the less damage is done.

Water Intrusion Remediation

Innovative Construction Solutions provides remediation to homes to survive the storms, sun, humidity, wind, and other extremes that face homes in Southwest Florida. From coatings to seals, glazing, caulking, and more, our waterproofing solutions will protect the integrity of your home’s exterior. If you have a mold issue left from issues with water, we can provide contact information for a remediation expert, but we don’t offer the service ourselves.

If you need to arrange for water intrusion testing in Florida, call on Innovative Construction Solutions for testing that is fast, thorough, and non-invasive. To schedule a service or inspection for your home, reach out today or call (239) 384-5890 to speak with our team.