If left untreated, leaks can cause foundational damage, promote mildew or mold growth, and more. Take advantage of water intrusion repair services in Port Royal, FL from the experts at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Innovative Construction Solutions is a team of highly trained professionals with various building, construction, design and architectural expertise, and includes architects, landscape architects, engineers, general contractors and seasoned project managers.

Water Intrusion Repair in Port Royal, FLWe want to improve the quality, efficiency and comfort of your home or building by addressing small, hidden problems before they grow into larger, more expensive problems, while helping you avoid unnecessary repairs.

Our building science experts have vast experience with water intrusion and can recommend repair solutions. Whether you need a minor repair for a small leak, ongoing maintenance, or full restoration, we can help.

Roof Leaks

Extreme weather, poor design and poor construction can all contribute to roof leaks. Many are too small to detect with the naked eye, but left untreated, a small issue with your roof can become a large problem.

The Innovative Construction Solutions team utilizes the latest leak detection technologies, such as aerial infrared thermal imaging, to find hidden leaks in all roofing applications and recommend the best repair/restoration strategy.

Many people think that you can just “patch” the part of your roof that is leaking and everything will be fine. The reality is that it has to be properly repaired before it leads to bigger problems. Our expert roofing technicians can get your roof back to optimal condition quickly and possibly help you avoid the expense of re-roofing.

Window Leaks

Water damage from leaking windows won’t fix itself and, in all likelihood, the problem will just get worse. A problem that might be simple to fix today can easily turn into a large scale, expensive repair down the road.

Our team utilizes professional testing equipment to field test windows and doors on new construction projects to identify manufacturing and construction defects, pinpoint the cause of window leaks, and recommend effective solutions.

We also provide infrared imaging for window leak detection using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the highest quality infrared equipment in the industry. This minimally invasive test can quickly and non-destructively identify the source and location of a leak as well as the extent of moisture damaged areas.

Balcony Leaks

Balcony construction incorporates windows and doors, walls, flooring, a waterproof covering (if above living spaces), structural members, posts and railings, lighting fixtures, and water-resistant flashings. Most of these penetrate the exterior of the structure and, if any of the components are not installed properly, water intrusion is unavoidable.

Our professionals are highly trained and have experience in fixing balcony leak issues. We can completely restore or rebuild weathered balconies and drainage systems that will restore your deck’s beauty and are easy to maintain.  We can safely remove failed coatings and bring your weathered deck back to life.

Call Innovative Construction Solutions today at (239) 384-5890 to learn more about our water intrusion repair services in Port Royal, FL. Our goal is to help you find affordable and effective solutions.