If you think you may have a water leak, take action to prevent the situation from getting worse. Call Innovative Construction Solutions to take advantage of our expert water intrusion detection services in Naples, FL.

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Leak Detection Technology

After ruling out surface and fixture water leaks, our team will look for underground leaks or leaks hidden in the walls.

Time tested proprietary methods and state-of-the-art technology have revolutionized the discovery of leaks. With advanced methodologies and equipment, we can even determine the location of hidden leaks. From balconies and swimming pool cracks to underground plumbing systems and sewer lines, our sensitive electronic tools can identify trouble spots.

We can test your exterior windows for water leakage by utilizing a spray rack that is typically positioned in the general area of the suspected water infiltration.

We also use infrared imaging for window leak detection with FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the highest quality infrared equipment in the industry. These tests can quickly identify the source and location of any leaks and determine the extent of moisture damage.

Infrared leak detection is the least destructive way to locate leaks. And, since we use the technology on your entire home, we may find other problems you are unaware of, such as electrical hot spots or rodent infestations.

Another effective tool for detecting water leaks is professional sound detection equipment. Using headphones and a microphone, one of our highly skilled technicians listens for the sound of water running underground as it travels through pipes.

These and the other tools we use are extremely effective at locating even the smallest of leaks, all while preventing needless damage to your property. Once the location of a leak is identified, we will recommend the best method(s) to repair it and prevent any water damage to your home.

Leak detection in your Naples, Florida home is a major step in fixing them properly and avoiding more damage. With our water intrusion detection services, Innovative Construction Solutions can help you identify the source(s) and extent of any leaks and make the necessary repairs. Call us today at (239) 384-5890 to explore our services.