Water infiltration testing services near me are as close as Innovative Construction Solutions for the residents of Southwest Florida. Our history in the building world demonstrates our skills and commitment to clients. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes, we value the satisfaction of our clients because we recognize that quality work leads to loyal customers and long-term client relationships. Allow us to help you enjoy homeownership effortlessly.

Water Infiltration Testing Services Near MeThe Innovative Construction Solutions team consists of professionals across the building sector. From design to inspection and every step in between, our team makes it easy for property owners to rely on our services. We also provide our skills and expertise to contractors and legal and insurance professionals specializing in the building arena.

Water infiltration into a home results in property damage and unhealthy conditions. Regular inspections are essential to prevent this type of damage, and if homeowners see signs of moisture intrusion, they should immediately call for professional testing. The building envelope is the first and last defense against water infiltration and must be inspected and maintained carefully.

Water Infiltration Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing, visual inspection, and thermal infrared imaging are the primary ways we’ll check for water intrusion. These measures will allow us to find where water enters your home.

Quick resolution of any water intrusion is essential. Water entering a home will lead to mold development, damage, and wiring issues. Protect your family from the effects of unhealthy, spore-filled air by keeping moisture out of your home.

Call on Innovative Construction Solutions to evaluate the windows, decks, roof, doors, concrete, and other exterior areas of the home to verify its air tightness. This feature will ultimately protect your home when kept well and can allow disaster to occur when neglected.

After providing an evaluation, we can then focus on remediation. We’ll give you a report that includes the identification of the problem and suggestions for resolution. We will then respond in line with your decision. Our team can deal with all repairs other than mold abatement. If we identify mold, we can suggest abatement providers and perform construction to repair the damage done when the mold is removed.

Why Quick Repair Matters

If water infiltration goes unnoticed, the damage will also go unnoticed until it’s obvious and extensive. Corrosion, rust, ruined paint and finishes, mold and mildew, insulation failure, wiring damage, and even frame failure can result from water intrusion. Prevention of this issue should be a top priority.

A wide range of inspection services from Innovative Construction Solutions allows area homeowners to easily keep their homes in excellent condition. Call on us to search for signs of water entering your home and then repair the source.

If you notice any of the following, call us immediately:

  • Damaged wallpaper or paint
  • Warped flooring
  • Unexplained water around pipes, toilets, doors, sinks, etc.
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Efflorescence
  • General damage or corrosion

The water infiltration testing we provide is the solution for homeowners in Southwest Florida looking for assistance near me. We’ll help you protect your home from the expensive and unhealthy effects of unwelcome water in the structure. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book any of our services.