Living your dream life in your dream home in Fort Myers, FL, does not have to include the tedious responsibilities of homeownership like water infiltration testing. Innovative Construction Solutions offers a host of inspection, remediation, and construction services. With a blend of advanced tech and classic expertise, we bring efficiency and superior quality to every structure we serve.

Water Infiltration Testing Fort Myers, FLYour team at Innovative Construction solutions will include experts across the building trades. From specialists in design and architecture to landscaping, engineering, contracting, and managing, all categories will be represented to provide a fully comprehensive service where no detail is overlooked.

The expertise of Innovative Construction Solutions applies to water infiltration testing of windows, decks, roofs, doors, concrete, and so much more.

Upon inspection completion, our technicians will deliver feedback, including suggestions and remediation for any issues found with the structure.

Diagnose and Protect from Water Infiltration

One of the primary enemies of your home’s structure is water. Wood rot and warping, metal corrosion and breakage, and insulation damage are all serious threats to the health and safety of your home. A leaky pipe, a faulty roof, poor drainage, or any other point of water infiltration must be repaired immediately.

Issues from water can come from various sources, including failures with plumbing systems, roof damage, window failure, and more. If you fail to fix the issue due to negligence or ignorance, the result will be the same, and the longer the problem is allowed to continue, the worse those results will be.

What to Watch For

While we prefer that you schedule our full menu of inspection services regularly, watch for the following issues if you choose not to. When you see them, contact the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions to identify the source and the degree of damage that will require repair.

  • Ceiling stains are an obvious sign of damage from water infiltration. Whether water is entering from a damaged shingle or insulation failure causing condensation, call on our team to establish the cause and provide a solution.
  • Unexplained damage to your home is another common sign of water damage. Warped flooring can come from a busted pipe, a slow leak at a plumbing joint, or an unnoticed roof leak making its way down the wall and through the flooring.
  • Puddles – Under the sink, around the toilet, in front of windows, and other locations around the house should not be wet. If they are, suspect water infiltration.
  • Mold – When water is unnoticed or trapped within a wall cavity, the results will be mold growth. Unfortunately, this situation can damage the health of residents. If we find mold that requires remediation, we can put you in touch with a mold cleanup specialist.

The Innovative Construction Solutions specialists will use the most advanced FLIR imaging cameras to locate points of water infiltration, and even the extent of the damage, without invasive methods. The methods that we use promote fast repair and minimize damage.

The peace of mind gained from water infiltration testing by Innovative Construction Solutions will allow you to fully enjoy the luxury of your Fort Myers, FL home. Schedule this service, and any of our other home services, by calling (239) 384-5890. Leave the responsibilities of homeownership to us while you enjoy the benefits of living in paradise.