Water damage analysis and restoration services from Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL, provide specialized protection for your home. Avoid the consequences of unchecked water intrusion by regularly booking our services. 

Water Damage Analysis & Restoration Services in Naples, FLInnovative Construction Solutions, a subsidiary of BCB Homes, provides various remediation and construction services for homes and businesses throughout Southwestern Florida. Our expertise is to the extent that we also serve the following professional categories:

  • Architects and engineers
    • Design and review of blueprints
    • Building enclosure consultation
  • Attorneys
    • Support for construction litigation
    • Forensic analysis of structures
    • Testimony as expert witnesses
  • Contractors
    • Materials and construction work
    • Optimization of systems, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC
  • Homeowners
    • Structural inspection, repair, and maintenance
    • Water damage repair and restoration
    • Waterproofing
  • Insurance companies
    • Plan and estimate remediation
    • Building forensics
    • Services as expert witnesses

The professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions are proven, highly trained, and fully licensed. We inspect, repair, and construct residential and commercial properties in the area. 

Residential Water Damage Inspection and Repair

Water damage within a residence comes from weather, plumbing issues, and breaks in the building envelope. The issue may not be readily identifiable; it takes a knowing eye and advanced technology to spot the problem in many cases. Innovative Construction Solutions provides these elements.

The extent of the damage caused by water is such that the source needs to be caught and fixed as quickly as possible. Unnoticed leaks, no matter how small, will lead to catastrophic damage, including mold and mildew, rotting wood, foundation failure, and more. 

Timeline of Water Damage

The longer water exposure occurs, the more damage occurs. 

  • Short-term exposure – As water infiltration begins, the floor, furniture, and drywall will be soaked. Humidity levels within the home will increase, discoloration will begin, and odors will occur.
  • Mid-term exposure – Mold will begin to form, and wood will warp days after exposure. At this point, wall finishings will be destroyed, and the home’s wood elements will start to split as well. 
  • Long-term exposure – A home will face severe issues after weeks of water exposure. The presence of mold will become a factor. While we at Innovative Construction Solutions do not provide mold abatement, we can provide repair once the destructive elements of the process are complete.

Typical repairs following water exposure range from replacing flooring, drywall, and furniture; mold removal and repair; and frame repair. These types of home repairs can be substantial and quite costly. 

Signs of water damage:

  • Peeling paint
  • Water spots on the ceiling or the walls
  • Musty odors
  • Cracked drywall
  • Warped wood
  • Unexplained standing water

Book Innovative Construction Solutions

Innovative Construction Solutions is the ideal source for detecting and repairing water intrusion and damage. We use time-tested strategies and advanced technology, including:

  • Inspection and repair of windows, doors, and roofs
  • Water management
  • HVAC system evaluation
  • Air leaks
  • A/C, generator, electric, and roofing systems testing
  • Building envelope analysis
  • Air and water infiltration testing
  • Blower-door depressurization
  • Infrared thermography
  • Moisture mapping
  • Temperature and humidity readings
  • Roof surveys
  • Evaluation of mechanical systems
  • Construction defect investigation

Water damage analysis and restoration services in Naples, FL, allow you to protect your home from the disaster that is long-term water exposure. Innovative Construction Solutions is an experienced and proven provider. Book your service today by calling (239) 384-5890 or following this link to contact us online.