In Fort Myers, FL, water damage analysis and restoration services from Innovative Construction Solutions will encourage your recovery from disaster. Regular inspection and maintenance can minimize the possibility of significant problems related to natural disasters or broken pipes.

Water Damage Analysis & Restoration Services in Fort Myers, FLWe at Innovative Construction Solutions have the professional expertise to protect residential and commercial structures. Our unique skill sets allow us to quickly and precisely assess water intrusion and resulting damage to remediate the problem efficiently.

The team here at Innovative Construction Solutions consists of licensed general contractors meeting the requirements of Florida’s codes. Our technicians have the education and technology needed for all ranges of projects. Our expertise even allows us to serve the legal and insurance fields as forensic analysis and testimony experts.

Water is an insidiously damaging factor for homes and commercial properties. With our services, you can protect your property to the greatest extent possible and return it to normal far faster than average. 

Prevention of Water Intrusion

Innovative Construction Solutions can provide waterproofing solutions for the entire building envelope – from basement to roof.

  • Basement areas – Sealant application onto basement walls and cement floors is essential for appropriate maintenance. Property drainage is also crucial; avoid situations where standing water is the norm. 
  • Plumbing systems – Regular inspection of hoses and faucets will minimize the potential for leaks due to wear. We will also regularly check the humidity levels and the entire building envelope for evidence of a leak – even a tiny one.
  • Building exterior – The roof, windows, doors, gutters, downspouts, and irrigation systems should be regularly inspected, another service Innovative Construction Solutions provides. 
  • Appropriate care of items – Store the goods you aren’t using in waterproof protection, preferably in rooms removed from moisture potential. An updated inventory is also essential to homeownership when disaster strikes.

Secure Leak Detection Services from Innovative Construction Solutions

Innovative Construction Solutions uses the most advanced equipment to find defects in the exterior building envelope. FLIR thermal imaging cameras find any break in coverage and the extent of the damage caused by water intrusion. Finding leaks with this tech limits any damage that might occur when using the old methods of searching for a leak.

Windows – Problems with water intrusion at window locations can be caused by sealant quality issues, manufacturing defects, glass seal issues, problematic caulking, and installation error.

Roofing – Problems with roofing must be dealt with as quickly as possible, and signs to watch for include problems with flashing, standing water, blocks in the attic vents, damaged shingles or tiles, exterior mold, interior wall finishing damage, and water spots. 

Secure Remediation and Repair from Innovative Construction Solutions

Rely on Innovative Construction Solutions to protect and monitor your home as it deals with the environmental effects of the area. When the inspections we provide identify leaks and damage, we will formulate a repair plan. Our services will cover all elements related to recovering from water damage other than mold remediation. 

When you own a home in Fort Myers, FL, depend on Innovative Construction Solutions for water damage analysis and restoration services, whether the issue comes from plumbing, grading, weather, or the environment. Discover how we can help by clicking here or calling (239) 384-5890.