Water damage analysis and restoration services in Bonita Springs, FL, provided by Innovative Construction Solutions, offer a way to protect your home or business from further damage following flooding, storms, or broken water pipes. 

Water Damage Analysis & Restoration Services in Bonita Springs, FLAs a daughter company of BCB Homes, Innovative Construction Solutions brings a rich background of expertise across the building trades to every client. The professional team is well-trained and informed regarding the traditional and technological measures for identifying water intrusion, maintaining properties to prevent it, and repairing the sources of intrusion and the damage caused by it. 

Water – Surprisingly Destructive

Mold can begin to grow within a 24-hour period of water exposure. The only elements required for this growth are moisture, oxygen, and organic material. All mold is problematic: some strands cause allergies, but others can devastate respiratory health and destroy the home structurally. Innovative Construction Solutions can provide every service except mold removal, but we can provide referrals to top-quality mold removal providers.

Tiny cracks in pipes cause the loss of surprisingly large amounts of water. This level of water exposure can quickly lead to serious damage, so identifying small gaps as soon as possible is critical to home maintenance. 

When flooding occurs during storms or if a supply pipe bursts, turn off the power! If water reaches outlets or other power sources, the water will become charged and deadly.

Water damage occurs in three types: clean, gray, and black. Clean water is free from contaminants; gray water has non-pathogenic contaminants; and black water contains unsanitary pathogens. If left standing, clean water becomes black water within three days.

Water Intrusion Detection

Innovative Construction Solutions detects leaks through the use of FLIR thermal imaging cameras. This technology is the best quality infrared technology available, and our professionals use this tech alongside other technology and proven diagnostic measures. 

IR thermography allows our technicians to find small gaps in coverage. We inspect the entire building envelope using our experience-driven methods, including:

  • Roofs
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Foundations
  • Interiors
  • Building systems

Infrared inspections allow Innovative Construction Solutions to avoid causing damage while hunting for leaks. We can precisely identify the sources of leaks and provide resolution to stop water intrusion and thermal and air leaks. 

The advantages of our inspection measures consist of the following:

  • Precise and prompt inspections 
  • Not invasive or destructive
  • Immediate results
  • Affordable
  • Early detection of system failures

Resolution of Water Damage

Once your home’s inspection is complete, the resolution will begin. The primary objective will be to stem the source of water intrusion – turn off the water supply and repair plumbing issues or seal up gaps in the building envelope where water is finding its way into the home. The earlier you stop the water intrusion, the less severe the consequences of the issue will be. 

Innovative Construction Solutions provides inspection and remediation services, but we also offer regular monitoring to keep any potential for water damage limited in scope.

We also provide waterproofing of windows and doors, balconies and decks, tile and stone, Hardie board, exterior walls, below-grade elements, and planters.

Schedule a consultation today with Innovative Construction Solutions to comprehensively care for your home’s exterior building envelope. We use proven techniques, the best quality materials, and advanced technology.

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