Protect your greatest asset, your Marco Island, FL home, through water damage analysis & restoration from Innovative Construction Solutions. After storms, plumbing issues, or a period of regular use, book an inspection and service to find and stop water intrusion and repair the damage. We’ll return you home to good-as-new condition!

Water Damage Analysis & Restoration in Marco Island, FLAn analysis of water damage will include specific information to describe the home’s condition and our best suggestions for repair. This report will guide you, your insurance company, and your chosen remediation company. We urge you to choose us for remediation services as well as diagnosis.

The report that we provide will cover several distinct categories:

  • Category of water damage – the safety of the home environment is directly affected by the type of water damage occurring. The three primary categories include:
    • Clean water – uncontaminated rainwater or from a supply pipe, not a safety issue if addressed immediately
    • Gray water – water drained from laundry or bath water can be hazardous without appropriate protection
    • Black water – sewage, floodwater, or polluted water, is highly hazardous and should only be handled by appropriately equipped professionals.
  • Cause of water damage – storm, wear, plumbing, etc.
  • Damaged features – from wiring to furniture, appliances, flooring, walls, and more, all observed damage in each room should be documented within the analysis report
  • Degree of damage – the porosity of materials, the condition of the drywall and carpet, the length of time water was inside the home, and other factors will affect the level of damage, the potential for mold, and the materials that must be removed entirely and replaced.
  • Photographs – critical to comprehensive assessment, photographs will help the homeowner, the contractor, and the insurance company by providing evidence as you secure fair compensation and appropriate quotes for repair.
  • Repair guidance – The other included components within the report will guide the repairs that must be pursued.
    • These suggestions ought to be specific – for instance: can the carpet be thoroughly cleaned or need to be replaced; can drywall be dried, or does it need to be removed and replaced; does a mold abatement company need to be called in?
    • Include all tools and steps required for water mitigation
    • Mention the likelihood of hidden water damage.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

A subsidiary of BCB Homes with 25+ years of experience in the building trade world, Innovative Construction Solutions offers a proven history and a well-trained team of construction experts. Our team stands ready to identify water damage, provide diagnosis and suggestions, and repair identified damage. Allow us to bring your home back to perfect condition.

Within 24 hours of water exposure, mold can form within your home. Moisture, oxygen, and organic compounds are all that mold needs to grow. Depending on the strand of mold, the consequences may range from allergies to severe respiratory damage and home destruction. At Innovative Construction Solutions, we can identify mold and even repair the damage done during abatement, but we do not provide abatement. We can provide a referral to a top-tier abatement specialist.

Following water damage, protection for your property in Marco Island, FL, comes through analysis & restoration provided by Innovative Construction Solutions. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to avail yourself of expertly offered services.