Innovative Construction Solutions provides water damage analysis & restoration in Bonita Springs, FL. These services protect your home as they quickly identify and remediate water infiltration and associated damage.

Water Damage Analysis & Restoration in Bonita Springs, FLRegular inspections should be routine, and an emergency inspection should follow known damage or the identification of signs of water intrusion. Our measures will help identify the extent of damage and develop the most suitable restoration and repair methods.

First Steps – Find and Resolve the Cause of Water Intrusion

Resolving water damage must begin by stopping its intrusion. As long as a drip, gush, or flood continues, the damage done can’t be inspected or repaired. We have many methods for identifying the leak, including some techniques that can pinpoint issues within the roof or greater building envelope.

Evaluate the Water Type

The water in question may have a few classifications, each requiring different approaches to restore your home safely.

Next Steps – Inspections and Repair

Checking out your home for how much damage has been done by the water intrusion will come next. We need to evaluate for safety issues first and then for property damage, after which we can take steps to prevent further damage and begin the restoration process.

Water Evaluations and Restoration through Innovative Construction Solutions

Innovative Construction Solutions is a subsidiary of BCB Homes and offers a diverse catalog of remediation and construction services. We work on behalf of a variety of professionals beyond homeowners, though. For architects and engineers, we can design and review blueprints and consult for building enclosures; attorneys gain support for construction litigation, forensic analysis of structures, and testimony as an expert; contractors receive materials, construction work, and optimization of systems; and insurance companies have a source for planning and estimating remediation, building forensics, and service as expert witnesses.

Our team is professional – proven, experienced, well-trained, and comprehensively licensed. Our evaluations, repairs, and construction services are equally important.

Whether water damage comes from damage and weather plumbing problems or disruptions to the building envelope, Innovative Construction Solutions has the capacity, know-how, and experience for a sure-fire residential maximization experience.

Before beginning remediations, we need to evaluate the extent of the damage done. Allowing water damage to linger will lead to further problems like rot, mold, slab damage, etc., allowing us to help avoid these catastrophic consequences.

Damage worsens with more prolonged exposure to water. If the amount of time can be shortened, all possible steps should be taken. Consequences can range from greater humidity to damaged paint and flooring, mold and mildew, warped wood, split framing, and foundational damage. `

Innovative Construction Solutions can provide all repairs needed following water exposure other than mold abatement. We can provide contacts for a qualified mold removal specialist, but we don’t perform the service. However, we can provide repairs following abatement to the flooring, walls, and other features that must be removed during treatment.

If you see any of the consequences of water damage, rely on Innovative Construction Solutions for a fast return to normal. We supply water damage analysis & restoration in Bonita Springs, FL, and beyond. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to explore our services or book a single or multiple services. We can provide the evaluations and repairs needed to keep your home in immaculate condition.