Your high-end home deserves the kind of upkeep we provide at Innovative Construction Solutions. We offer a full menu of inspections and repairs for residential properties in Fort Myers, FL, including thermal building inspections. Our goal is to help homeowners enjoy their properties without the burdens of upkeep, maintenance, and repair concerns.

Thermal Building Inspections in Fort Myers, FLThe primary key to Innovative Construction Solutions is our team. It consists of experienced, proven professionals who run the gamut of the building trades. We offer 25 years of experience in the industry, advanced technological tools, and traditional construction craftsmanship.

The various areas that we evaluate and service include inspections of the home’s interior and exterior, the status of the roof, and systems like HVAC, wiring, generators, plumbing, etc.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal imaging measures the heat level that comes from various objects. Using this technology, our technicians can accurately and non-invasively diagnose problems, relate the extent of damage, and prescribe solutions.

The infrared camera we use at Innovative Construction Solutions draws attention to differences in temperature, which often indicate a leak, failed insulation, or another issue with the home envelope. The magic of this system is that we can identify the smallest of potential problems before they become real, expensive, damage.

Allow our inspectors to carefully inspect your residence from top to bottom, side to side, inside and out. We evaluate windows and doors for leaks or damage; water management issues; A/C system performance testing, air leak evaluation, infrared thermal imaging diagnostics, insulation inspection, and ductwork inspection; air leaks; generator testing, wiring system testing, and roofing and tile evaluation; and building envelope analysis.

Thermal building inspection methods eliminate the need to destroy any part of the home while inspecting it. We do not create holes or remove materials without repairing what we know to lie underneath. Once our inspection is complete, our clients receive a comprehensive report with diagnosis and prescription.

Having a home in Southwest Florida comes with certain environmental factors that stress the home. Windy conditions, frequent rains, and constant sun exposure can wreak havoc on the home enclosure. Quick notice and repair are key to durable, well-kept homes in this subtropical climate. Innovative Construction Solutions provides protection.

The thermal imaging camera we use is FLIR, the best available. By leveraging this tool and our construction expertise, we promptly inspect and inform our clients regarding any deficiencies, maintenance, or repair needed.

Clients of Innovative Construction Solutions choose us because we offer:

  • High-Tech Diagnostic Tools
  • Certified and Licensed Professionals
  • 25+ Years’ Experience in the Industry
  • On-Demand Service for Our Clientele
  • Highest Standards
  • Prompt Completion

As a BCB Homes-owned company, we value the time and expectations of every client. Throughout your project you can rely on us to provide constant transparency and communication. Whether you need remediation or construction services, choose Innovative Construction Solutions.

Thermal building inspections, like those Innovative Construction Solutions provides to residents and professionals in Fort Myers, FL, can detect all problems and provide solutions. With our service, your home can be in tip-top condition. Learn more today by calling (239) 384-5890 or contacting us online.