Homeowners searching for thermal building inspection services near me in Southwest Florida will find the answer with Innovative Construction Solutions.

Thermal Building Inspection Services Near MeWe offer many home inspection, remediation, and construction services to free homeowners from the burden of maintenance and repair.

The most significant aspect of Innovative Construction Solutions is the group of professional contractors here. We’re a BCB Homes-affiliated company, and our team has over 25 years of experience in the building sector. In addition to construction services, we provide expert testimony, guidance, and evaluation for building, legal, and insurance professionals.

We’ll inspect, repair, maintain, and construct all home systems – from the floor to the roof and everything in between.

Air Flow in a Home

The life that you live in a home is greatly affected by the airflow within it. The effort to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter with reasonable utility costs and healthy indoor air requires that the building envelope and insulation system remain sound.

To maintain this state of efficiency, regular inspections are appropriate. Innovative Construction Solutions employs advanced thermal imaging tech to find gaps in coverage. We also perform a whole battery of testing ranging from blower door testing to smoke, spray rack, and more.

Our expertise and experience can come together to identify issues and allow us to suggest and provide solutions.

The Power of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging evaluations are non-invasive and effective. They check the heat levels emanating from objects, and changes in the heat levels demonstrate potential leaks in the building envelope. This powerful technology allows us to precisely pinpoint leaks, diagnose the level of damage, and identify and suggest the best solutions.

This technology finds leaks that allow air or moisture to enter a home, and it works regardless of the location!

Other testing we provide includes evaluations of windows and doors, moisture management, A/C testing, air leak identification, insulation checks, ductwork evaluation, generator testing, wiring testing, roofing and tile evaluations, and building envelope analysis. Protect your most significant asset with testing supplied by Innovative Construction Solutions.

We’ll follow up our evaluations with a thorough report complete with suggestions for repair, which we can also provide.

Keeping up with inspections is particularly important for this area. The climate is challenging for structures. High winds, frequent precipitation, and constant sunshine test the strength of your home’s exterior.

Innovative Construction Solutions – Highlights:

  • Broad range of inspection, remediation, and construction services
  • Advanced diagnostic tools – including the FLIR thermal imaging camera system
  • Licensed, Certified, and Experienced building professionals
  • More than 25 years in the building sector
  • On-demand service
  • Highest standards for service and construction provision
  • Timely service and responsiveness

Innovative Construction Solutions values you, our client, and we respect your home and time. We’ll honor you with communication, punctuality, and convenience. When we visit your property, we’ll perform the work requested and leave your home better than we found it.

For thermal building inspection services near me, come to Innovative Construction Solutions when you’re in the Southwest Florida area. We have the tech and the expertise to find and resolve leaks of air and moisture, protecting your home from damage. Click here to contact us or contact us at (239) 384-5890.