There are a lot of reasons you might need structural concrete repair in Naples FL from Innovative Construction Solutions. Your deck could have been damaged in a storm, or it might just be old and starting to crack. Whatever the reason may be, we have a lot of experience in concrete repair, and we can have yours looking like new once again.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair Naples, FL

Contact an Innovative Construction Solutions representative as soon as you can if you’re having problems with your deck. The sooner you call, the sooner we can keep relatively minor problems from developing into something that could threaten its structural integrity. These are just some of the typical causes of concrete issues and how we fix those issues.

Common Causes of Structural Concrete Problems

Concrete issues can arise due to a number of different problems. Here’s a quick look at just a few.

  • Installation problems – Unfortunately, we often find that a patio or slab will start to crack because the original installers didn’t do a good job of compacting the ground. Over time, this can cause settling or sinking of the concrete, resulting in cracks.
  • Storm damage – Florida is obviously a beautiful place to live, and the weather is the main reason. But the storms we get can be powerful, leading to deck damage. Sunny, humid days can cause issues as well. Concrete can expand and contract in these conditions, leading to cracks .
  • Soil erosion – Extended periods of rain can erode the soil underneath your concrete slab or patio. When that happens, the concrete can weaken.

Innovative Construction Solutions Repair Services

It really doesn’t matter what is causing your concrete slab or patio to develop cracks. Innovative Construction Solutions has the tools, the equipment, the skill and the experience to repair the issue. Once our technicians get to your home, they’ll quickly determine the cause of the problem and then perform whatever repairs are necessary. Here’s some information on our concrete slab and patio repair and resurfacing services.

Concrete Patio and Slab Repair

Get in touch with us at the first sign of cracks in your patio or concrete slab. When we catch the problem early, we can seal the crack and keep moisture from making the problem worse. If the cracks are more substantial, we take out any structurally unsound portions without having to replace the whole thing.

Additional Services Provided by Innovative Construction Solutions

Take advantage of our 25+ years of experience in the building industry and our dedication to home perfection. Here’s an inexhaustive list of the services we regularly provide:

  • Remediation Services
    • Window and Roof Leaks
    • Water Management
    • A/C Performance Evaluation
      • System Performance Testing
      • Air Leak Evaluation
      • Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnostics
      • Insulation Inspection
      • Ductwork Inspection
    • Air Leaks
    • Systems Testing
      • A/C Performance Testing and Evaluation
      • Generator Testing and Evaluation
      • Electrical System Testing and Evaluation
      • Roofing and Tile Evaluation
    • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Construction Services
    • Waterproofing
      • Window and door
      • Balcony and deck
      • Tile and stone
      • Hardie board
      • Exterior wall
      • Below grade
      • Planter
    • Window and Door Installation
    • Roofing
      • Concrete Tile Roofs
      • Clay Tile Roofs
      • Slate Tile Roofs
      • Flat Roofs
      • Metal Roofs
      • Roof Replacement

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