Weather events like hurricanes can have a substantial effect on your life, your home, and your business. If your home or business suffered storm damage in Naples, FL, rely on the restoration services of Innovative Construction Services. Whether the disruption comes from wind, rain, or flooding, we’re prepared to provide the required inspection, cleanup, and repair.

Storm Damage Restoration Services Naples, FLThe team at Innovative Construction Solutions, consisting of building professionals from every sector, awaits the opportunity to help our clients return to normal life post-storm. We offer over 25 years of experience and the support of our parent company BCB Homes.

From forensic analysis for insurance carriers to comprehensive inspection and repair for property owners, we’re available at every step and will keep you in the loop throughout the process. In a time of confusion, allow us to provide steady professionalism and a path to recovery.

Community Helpers

After every disaster, look for helpers. Following significant weather events in Southwest Florida, some of those helpers are us at Innovative Construction Solutions. We’re from the area, helping the residents and businesses of the area. Innovative Construction Solutions provides:

  • Quick inspection and intervention to limit the extent of damage
  • Specific plans for each property’s restoration
  • Provision of repair and construction services for damaged homes

One issue that we can identify but not remediate is mildew and mold. We can direct you to a provider, but we can’t rectify this problem.

Advanced Home Inspections

The technology we use to inspect homes allows us to identify damage non-invasively, even when the defects are otherwise impossible to detect. The infrared camera we use picks up on energy transfer changes within the building envelope that indicate damage.

We will assess your home or business’s structure in its entirety – from the foundation to the roof – and provide you with the information you’ll need to restore your home to pre-storm condition.

The camera that we use, the FLIR thermal imaging camera, is the most advanced infrared tech used in the building industry. With this camera and other proven techniques, we can detect where defects exist, the extent of the damage, the source of the damage, and the estimated cost of repairs.

Complete Structural Inspection

Roofing Evaluations

A structure’s roof bears the brunt of heavy rains and high winds. When winds rip the roof clear off or have visible pieces missing, the damage is apparent, and in other instances, winds and small pieces of flying debris can cause minute damage. An advanced inspection allows complete repairs to occur as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Outer Structural Envelope Inspections

The windows, doors, and exterior walls of structures should also be examined after storms, especially significant ones. Should water intrusion occur due to hidden damage, the results can cause long-term, substantial damage to the building.

Interior Structural Assessments

When flooding or water intrusion has occurred, an intervention must be immediate. The consequences of inappropriately treating the area could be dire to health and safety.

Complete Systems Testing

  • Window and Roof Leaks
  • Water Management
  • A/C Performance Evaluation
  • Air Leaks
  • Systems Testing
  • Building Envelope Analysis

Property owners in need of storm damage restoration services in Naples, FL, should call on Innovative Construction Solutions via phone at (239) 384-5890 or by contacting us online.