In Fort Myers, FL, homes suffer hurricanes and tropical storms, and when damage occurs, homeowners will need storm restoration services from professionals like Innovative Construction Solutions.

Storm Damage Restoration Services Fort Myers, FLInnovative Construction Solutions operates closely with insurance companies, building contractors, and homeowners to remedy the damage caused by storms. Our team includes licensed professionals with extensive experience and expertise, and we pride ourselves on treating all clients as if they are our own families.

Restoration Following Flooding

Hurricanes generally cause damage from wind or flooding. Flood damage affects the home’s safety, health, and structural integrity. The crew of Innovative Construction Solutions stands ready to intervene – mitigating and repairing the home as quickly as possible.

Flooding within a home is a serious issue no matter the cause, but when it’s accompanied by significant damage throughout the community, the immediacy of treatment can be challenged. We have the know-how, skill, and tools required to overcome flooding and the havoc it wreaks.

The Dangers of Flooding

Standing water left in a home negatively affects practically every part of the structure. Even if you allow the home to dry naturally, without remediation, it will be a dangerous place for you, your family, and even your pets. Wiring damage, mold and mildew, and even the structural soundness of the frame may be suspect.

You must have the property inspected to determine the extent of the damage done and the remediation efforts that need to be applied. Entrust the safety of your home to a team who knows how to inspect and diagnose issues with mold, wiring, water intrusion, and structural soundness. We can also provide all required repairs except mold remediation, but we can provide contacts for a mold remediation specialist.

The Innovative Construction Solutions Technique

Restoration services from Innovative Construction Services leverage advanced technology, skill, and experience. Our team will thoroughly inspect, repair, and clean your property to restore it to pre-event condition. 

Our expertise extends to insurance companies as well. We offer forensic analysis to help insurance adjusters perform their duties and get homeowners their much-needed funds as quickly as possible.

The process begins when the storm passes, and you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. Innovative Construction Solutions will evaluate the home’s condition and estimate the costs required to repair the property. Once the claim is complete and funds are disbursed, our team will provide the necessary repair services.

Innovative Construction Solutions is honored to assist homeowners as they experience a difficult time. Our standards are high, and we recognize the importance of communication. Let us help ease the burden of storm recovery as much as possible. 

While providing storm restoration services, we use advanced technologies and top-notch technicians. Using infrared thermal imaging, we can quickly detect every defect and repair it thoroughly without requiring invasive, destructive inspection techniques.

Highlights of Innovative Construction Solutions

  • Professional expertise
  • Established history
  • Professional integrity
  • The promise of complete satisfaction

Storm damage can seem overwhelming and hopeless, but if you leave it unrepaired, the destruction can be all-encompassing. Rely on Innovative Construction Solutions for storm damage restoration services in Fort Myers, FL. To retain our services or pose questions about our processes, reach out via phone at (239) 384-5890 or follow this link.