Get storm damage restoration services in Bonita Springs, FL, from Innovative Construction Solutions. You can’t stop the weather, but you can choose the provider that helps you recover. 

The Innovative Construction Solutions team comprises licensed professionals with 25+ years of experience and a wealth of building expertise. When you entrust us with the health and safety of your home, we will not squander that trust.

Overcoming Weather-Related Damage

Storm Damage Restoration Services Bonita Springs, FLWhen violent weather causes damage to your home, it’s safe to call the situation an emergency. Your home’s cleanup and repairs must be supplied as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Since storms generally cause several types of damage at once, you need help from a capable and widely qualified team. For assistance you can rely on, call Innovative Construction Solutions. 

The team here has training and experience to fix the most emergent conditions as quickly as possible before moving on the other repairs. The only service we cannot provide is mold remediation. We will identify the mold, diagnose the cause, and provide help so that it doesn’t reoccur, but we will not remove the mold itself. We can, however, provide contacts for those specialists who can.

Immediately following a storm, the emergency demands that we quickly triage the situation, identifying the damage-causing problems. Then, we stop that damage from continuing, often with temporary solutions. Next, we will provide the appropriate restoration, repair, and cleanup. Before we’re done, the property will be returned to its former condition.

Overcoming Water Damage

After a storm, water damage is one of the most common situations that require restoration. Water is the enemy of any structure, causing degradation, mold, and a loss of structural soundness. This situation needs to be addressed as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Within fewer than 24 hours, water will cause significant damage, absorbing into construction elements and wiring. After a week of flooding waters, the walls, floors, and beams will be affected. 

Innovative Construction Solutions can provide all the resources for restoration services you’ll need as you recover from storm-related water damage. 

We also provide forensic analysis for insurance companies. This service is critical for homeowners to receive the much-needed funds to begin repairs as soon as possible.

Water Restoration from Innovative Construction Solutions:

  • Evaluating the home to determine the extent of water damage, the points of infiltration, and the causes.
  • Monitoring humidity levels within the home.
  • Identifying mold and guidance regarding prevention.

Once you call Innovative Construction Solutions to step in to evaluate and repair damage following a storm, you can expect expedited efforts for a faster return to your home. 

Professionalism, Technology, and Skill from Innovative Construction Solutions

Facing storm damage is a trying situation, and our technicians treat our clients’ homes with the same focus and skill as they would their own. We use innovative techniques and advanced technology to identify areas where moisture can enter and continue to cause damage.

Advanced thermal imaging technology allows us to find the smallest breaks in the building’s envelope without causing damage. We can also identify how much damage has been done and the precise scope of necessary repairs.

Following a storm, damage restoration services in Bonita Springs, FL, will be an essential step toward normal. Call Innovative Construction Solutions at (239) 384-5890 or contact us by clicking here.