The professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions are experts at providing a wide range of specialty construction services in Naples FL. We offer waterproofing, air and window leak detection, roofing, systems testing and much more. Our team of licensed general contractors has an unsurpassed level of expertise in providing repair, maintenance, remediation and several other services for homeowners and builders.

Specialty Construction Services in Naples, FLNo matter what type of construction-related problem you may be facing, we can help. These are just some of the diagnostic and remediation services we offer.

Roofing Services

All roofs in Florida have to meet stringent codes in order to stand up to weather-related challenges such as intense sunlight, hurricanes, heat and humidity. We work closely with builders as well as homeowners to make sure their roofs are built to meet or exceed governmental requirements. Whether you need roofing or re-roofing services, our skilled craftsmen are ready to help. We have experience working with many different types of materials, including metal, concrete tile, clay tile and many others.

Door & Window Installation Services

Poor installation will undermine even the highest quality windows and doors. We will make sure all your doors and windows are installed correctly, and are also sealed to ensure proper functioning. When you partner with Innovative Construction Solutions, you can be confident that all doors and windows that are a part of your building will provide years of reliable performance.

Waterproofing Services

We regularly work with builders to make sure their structures can hold up to whatever the elements throw at them. Our craftsmen are experts in several areas of waterproofing, including wet sealing and glazing, applying protective coatings, and much more. Regardless of the kind of building, our waterproofing services will help protect it from potentially costly repairs.

Here are some of the areas we waterproof on a regular basis.

  • Balconies
  • Decks
  • Doors
  • Exterior walls
  • Planters
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • And many others

Air Leak Detection Services

Air leaks can rob a home or office building of efficiency, making HVAC systems work much harder than needed. Innovative Construction Solutions technicians use sophisticated equipment in order to uncover air leaks, and then recommend ways to seal those leaks. This allows heating and cooling equipment to operate at peak efficiency, improving the quality and comfort of indoor air in the process.

Window Leak Detection Services

When wet weather hits in Florida, it can last for days on end. This can lead to potentially severe water damage. If not addressed as soon as possible, moisture intrusion could cause major problems that require expensive repairs to fix. Our leak detection tools pinpoint the source of a leak, as well as any manufacturer defects that may exist.

Systems Testing Services

We have more than a quarter century of experience in building science. Our experts have a deep understanding of how to ensure a healthy indoor environment. We have state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment to make sure electrical and HVAC systems are working properly.

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