If your home is built on a slab, you can eventually expect a slab leak to occur. When it does, early detection and repair of a slab leak are essential to the lasting structural integrity of your Fort Myers, FL home. Innovative Construction Solutions is the answer to solving this issue as well as a host of other problems you’ll likely face as a homeowner. 

Slab Leak Detection & Repair Fort Myers, FLDelegate the protection of your building envelope to the experts here at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Innovative Construction Solutions, a subsidiary of BCB Homes, has a wealth of skill and decades of experience providing service to homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, lawyers, engineers, and architects. 

We offer remediation services, including systems testing, window and roof leaks, water management, building envelope analysis, air leaks, and A/C performance evaluation. Construction services include waterproofing, window and door installation, and roofing.

The Danger of Slab Leaks

Plumbing routed underneath a concrete slab foundation will inevitably experience a leak. Eventually, the entire building will be catastrophically affected if the leak is allowed to continue and grow. Even tiny leaks need to be fixed as quickly as possible since small leaks will grow larger.

Slab leaks are generally caused by soil shifting underneath the slab; improper slab construction; natural events like drought, flooding, and erosion; chemical and metal exposure; wear; friction against concrete; and corrosion.

A slab leak should be expected, leading homeowners with a concrete slab to always be on the lookout for its occurrence. The clear signs to watch for include an unexplained rise in your water bill, lowered water pressure, wet floors or carpets, the audible sound of water running, and a crack in the landscape around the structure. Any of these symptoms warrant an immediate call to Innovative Construction Solutions.

The problematic issues with slab leaks are their location and their insidious nature. Finding and reaching the leak will require professional expertise and skill; this issue does not have a DIY solution. Slab leaks are also far too often allowed to continue because they go unnoticed until the damage done is relatively widespread.

Resolution of Slab Leaks

Thermal imaging detection technology allows the techs here at Innovative Construction Solutions to identify slab leaks with precision and accuracy. We can also note the extent of the damage and determine the best method for repair. Be aware that repairs may include repairing interior damage if flooding has occurred, fixing any damage to the slab, and releveling the foundation in addition to repairing the leak. The earlier you can fix the leak, the less damage will occur.

Repair possibilities for slab leaks include using epoxy pipe liners, rerouting the plumbing system as a small section or in its entirety, tunneling under the slab for repair, or breaking through the slab itself. The right solution for your home will depend on various factors, which our experts can consider when creating the best plan of attack for your home’s repair.

Fort Myers, FL, property owners should book slab leak detection and repair from Innovative Construction Solutions as a standard maintenance measure if they see signs of water intrusion at the foundation. Establish your place on our schedule by completing this online contact form or calling (239) 384-5890.