Has the concrete around your pool settled, creating a tripping hazard? Has one section of the slab sunk below another? The foundation repair specialists at Innovative Construction LLC have the expertise to quickly repair your sinking pool deck in Naples, FL.

The Innovative Construction Solutions team is made up of professionals with a diverse range of building, construction, design and architectural expertise, and includes architects, landscape architects, engineers, general contractors and seasoned project managers. These industry experts will identify the problem you are having and recommend solutions for long-term fixes. Our goal is to win your satisfaction for a job well done.

Causes of a Sinking Pool Deck

Sinking Pool Deck Repair in Naples, FLOwning a swimming pool can be a great experience for a homeowner… until a problem occurs.

Concrete pool decks are prone to settling as a result of the pool construction process. Previously stable, compacted soil has to be removed in order to install the pool. Although the soil is replaced (backfilled) after installation, it will rarely be as dense or well-compacted.

Even though the pool contractor will pack the soil as much as possible, the backfilled soil inevitably compresses under the weight of the concrete pool deck slab as it ages, creating voids or holes and causing sections of the pool deck to settle or sink over time.

Sinking pool decks are a fairly common problem. Unfortunately, in addition to looking unsightly, sunken decks may also be accompanied by other signs of stressed concrete, including cracking and crumbling. If a crack is wide enough, water splashed from the pool and rainwater can make the cracking worse and lead to excess soil erosion under the deck.

These problems can lead to tripping hazards or create stress or pressure on pool walls and pool joints that may cause the pool to leak.

Pool Deck Stabilization and Repair

If the slabs of your pool decking have fallen into disrepair, contact Innovative Construction Solutions. We have the expertise to identify the problem, make the necessary pool deck repairs, stabilize the soils underneath the slab and around the pool, and help mitigate future erosion, enabling you to get back to using your pool as quickly as possible.

Depending on the situation, repair options may include complete pool deck demolition and replacement  or pool deck resurfacing.

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Naples, FL who is dealing with a sinking pool deck, the best approach is to contact Innovative Construction Solutions to inspect it and recommend an affordable and effective repair solution. Call us today at (239) 384-5890 to learn more.