Specializing in new construction residential roofing services for high-end and oceanfront homes in Port Royal, Naples, and throughout Southwest Florida, Innovative Construction Solutions has the skills and knowledge to take care of all of your roof repair needs.

Roof Repair Port Royal, Naples, FLThe highly qualified Innovative Construction Solutions team has an extensive background in luxury home and commercial construction.  We are experts at repairing and replacing roofs. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Roof Repair
  • Repair of Storm & Hurricane Damage
  • Prevention of Water Intrusion
  • Roof Replacement

Florida Weather & Your Roof

Keeping your home secure and watertight is the fundamental purpose of your roof, but Florida has its share of extreme weather, and your roof has to bear the brunt of the hot sun and intense exposure to UV rays, humidity, salt spray in coastal regions, high winds and heavy rains. All of these can either degrade the roofing materials gradually or catastrophically damage the entire roof.

Sun: Exposure to heat and UV rays can cause roofing materials to deteriorate and crack, warp, or decay over time. In the summer, the surface of your roof can reach close to 200 degrees. Constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation can also cause the color of concrete tile to fade.

Humidity: Surrounded by water and blessed with lakes and swamps, humidity is a factor in the lifespan of your roof in Florida. Seams and seals can be compromised by the ever-present humidity, especially in the coastal and swampy areas, and lead to the growth of moss, algae, and mildew.

Salt Spray: Salt can be corrosive to metal flashings and other roof elements, leading to premature leaks and other failures. Even buildings far from shore are susceptible to salt air corrosion when hurricanes or tropical storms pass through, carrying salt-laden sea spray miles inland.

Rain: Heavy rain can do terrible things to both your roof and your home. If forceful winds cause roof damage which allows rain to find its way inside your home, you could experience mold, wet drywall and other problems.

Heavy Wind: Heavy tropical winds, even short of hurricane-force, can harm the integrity of your roof. Shingles and tiles can come loose or fly off completely, allowing rain to seep in and damage the wood underneath.

The moment you notice any loss of roof integrity or have any hint of moisture, call Innovative Construction Solutions to inspect the roof and assess the damage.

Our team utilizes the latest leak detection technologies to find hidden leaks in all roofing applications and recommend the best repair/restoration strategy. We can get your roof back to optimal condition quickly and possibly help you avoid the expense of re-roofing.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides premiere roof repair services to the world’s most discriminating homeowners and builders in Port Royal, Naples, FL. Get in touch with us at (239) 384-5890 to explore our capabilities. We bring quality and professionalism to every job we do.