Innovative Construction Solutions provides premium roofing services, including expert roof repair, to the world’s most discriminating homeowners and builders in Naples, Florida.

With decades of experience in Southwest Florida, Innovative Construction Solutions has an extensive background in luxury home and commercial construction. We are experts at repairing and replacing roofs.

Roof Repair Naples, FLOur team is meticulously trained and extremely knowledgeable about every type of issue you may experience with your roof, whether the repair is simple or more complex.

Roof Leaks

Extreme weather, poor design and poor construction can all contribute to roof leaks. Many are too small to detect with the naked eye, but left untreated, a small issue with your roof can become a large problem.

The Innovative Construction Solutions team utilizes the latest leak detection technologies, such as aerial infrared thermal imaging, to find hidden leaks in all roofing applications and recommend the best repair/restoration strategy.

Many people think that you can just “patch” the part of your roof that is leaking and everything will be fine. The reality is that it has to be properly repaired before it leads to bigger problems. Our expert roofing technicians can get your roof back to optimal condition quickly and possibly help you avoid the expense of re-roofing.

Weather Damage

Florida is well-known for its high winds, lightning, and hailstorms. They can instantly cause damage to your roof. Storms often cause branches, limbs or even dying trees to fall on your roof. Roof tiles can blow off or break when strong winds are present. Heavy wind and rain can also lead to clogged gutters.

Of course, hot and humid weather also wreaks havoc on Florida roofs. Algae growth can weaken the roof, making it structurally vulnerable. Moss also thrives in rainy and humid conditions. It spreads quickly and can cause enough water damage to make the roof susceptible to collapse. And constant exposure to extreme heat and radiation can cause your roof to deteriorate, making it roof vulnerable to cracking, warping and decay.

If you notice any problems, get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions. Our crew will perform a thorough inspection and present you with recommended solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional expertise — The Innovative Construction Solutions roof repair crews are some of the best and most experienced in the business.
  • A proven record — We have a proven reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the Naples area and are highly rated by general contractors, property managers, and home and business owners.
  • Honesty and integrity – We do exactly what we say and do not cut corners. We will never try to sell you a new roof if your money would be better spent in repairing your existing roof.
  • Final inspection on every job – All of our roofing projects are given a thorough final inspection to insure the quality of each job and your satisfaction with our work.
  • Customer satisfaction – Throughout our years in business we have succeeded in making our customers happy by providing them with premium roofing services at fair prices.

Though not always expected, roof repairs are a part of every building owner’s life. It’s important to hire experienced roofers to get the job done right. Get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL at (239) 384-5890. We provide exceptional service every step of the way.