A roof inspection from Innovative Construction Solutions informs homeowners in Fort Myers, FL, about leak issues and provides the appropriate repair when needed.

Roof Leak Repair Fort Myers, FLInnovative Construction Solutions is staffed and ready with professionals who have the capacity and skill to care for a host of maintenance and repair issues for the high-end homes of Southwest Florida’s most prestigious neighborhoods. As our relationship with BCB Homes indicates, we have elevated standards and a combination of technical advancement and construction tradition.

Regular roof inspections are essential to noting minor problems before they become serious issues. The infrared imaging tech we use will identify even the most minor leak and determine the extent of any damage. After our inspection, we will provide a thorough report complete with all testing results and long-term repair suggestions.

Choosing our team of skilled technicians, engineers, and other construction professionals brings worry-free home care. We are experienced and knowledgeable regarding roof repair, and our process includes stellar customer service, communication, and timeliness.

Innovative Construction Solutions is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, and our GCs are all licensed through the State of Florida. Jobs small and large, Innovative Construction Solutions offers the same fully committed service based on quality standards.

Fast Action Saves a World of Pain

Roof leaks require a timely response. Failure to take care of it quickly can cause damage beyond belief. From the insulation to the home’s wiring, drywall, and even the foundation itself can be destroyed by an ongoing leak in the roof. Water infiltration will result in mold growth, rotten wood, and unhealthy indoor air. Our inspection measures will not overlook a hidden leak and require invasive detection methods.

Innovative Construction Solutions for Roof Repair

A patched roof job may suffice for a day or two, but for long-term roofing repair, you need the service of experienced and proven professionals. Our technicians will quickly return your roof to like-new condition.

We offer a multitude of services related to home upkeep. By requesting that we provide an annual roof inspection, you can ensure that all problems are uncovered and repaired so that minor issues do not cause substantial damage.

We Suggest You Choose the Best for Your Home Upkeep

Innovative Construction Solutions deserves to be your single source for home inspection, maintenance, and repair. We have a remarkable degree of experience and skill and are always eager to add to our list of satisfied customers.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Ask around your neighborhood, and you will likely find many of our satisfied customers. In addition to homeowners, we regularly provide services to architects/engineers, attorneys, contractors, and insurance companies.

Another reason to choose Innovative Construction Solutions is our commitment to our customers and their homes. We use only the finest materials and the most skilled technicians to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Reach out to the team at Innovative Construction Solutions for your roof leak inspection and repair in Fort Myers, FL. We are available online and by phone at (239) 384-5890.