If you’re in the Naples, FL, area and looking for roof leak inspection services “near me,” then Innovative Construction Solutions is the answer. From the beating sun to heavy winds and rain, pressures on the roofs of this area are vast, but we’re here to check out the structure and provide solutions when issues arise. 

Roof Leak Inspection Services Near MeThe team here at Innovative Construction Solutions partners with property owners and contractors to manage roofing systems through expert techniques, advanced technology, and extensive experience. Our contractors are licensed and run the gamut of building trade specialties. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes, we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

The roof is a vital part of any structure. When you notice drips coming from your ceiling during a rainstorm, the damage to the insulation and ceiling is already done. A regular roof inspection will prevent water intrusion, insulation loss, and more. Let’s explore a few details to keep in mind about roof inspections. 

Regularly schedule an Innovative Construction Solutions roof inspection service. When you find problems while they’re small, it’s easier, cheaper, and faster to resolve them. Allowing roof issues to continue will grow more and more expensive and expansive.

The roof must be inspected annually and follow all serious weather events like hail or high winds. 

A professional inspection is essential for two reasons – safety and accuracy.

What to Expect from a Roof Inspection

  • Flashing inspection
  • Gutter inspection
  • Droop inspection

Innovative Construction Solutions takes it even further by using advanced thermal imaging technology to check for breaks in coverage. 

The FLIR thermal imaging cameras that we use are the highest quality pieces of equipment available. This innovative tech, paired with tried and true leak inspection measures, allows our techs to identify all leaks, their exact location, and the extent of the damage done. We can use this information to prescribe precise and comprehensive solutions.

If leaks are found, Innovative Construction Solutions can also provide suitable repairs. We work on concrete tile, clay tile, slate tile, flat, and metal roofs, providing repair or total replacement if needed. 

Our experience lends itself to roofing inspections and repairs for private homes and businesses. Annual or post-weather inspections will maximize the effectiveness and lifetime of any structure’s roof.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

The experienced team here at Innovative Construction Solutions has an unrivaled level of expertise and skill, and our record demonstrates these features. Rely on our team to meet your needs professionally and with constant courtesy.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides genuine service at the lowest possible prices without cutting quality. The suggestions about service and repairs for your home’s roof will be honest and based on your needs, not bloated to meet your wallet’s capacity.

The post-project inspection following your roofing job is essential. We will walk through to ensure that you’re completely pleased with our work and that no sign of our presence other than the completed work exists.

An undiagnosed roof leak can cause extensive and expensive damage, but an inspection “near me” by Innovative Construction Solutions will protect the homes and interests of property owners in the Naples, FL, area. Book a service today by calling (239) 384-5890 or contacting us online.