Your home’s roof is its primary defense from precipitation and sun exposure and must be protected and maintained. Innovative Construction Solutions specializes in roofs. We offer roof leak detection, repair, and replacement for homes throughout Sanibel, FL.

Roof Leak Detection Sanibel, FLOperating out of Naples, FL, Innovative Construction Solutions is a subsidiary of BCB Homes, and we strive to live up to the legacy of our parent company. We offer services from experts across the building trades and use superior techniques and technical equipment.

Seeking Leaks No Matter How Well Hidden

Wear, weather, and time can lead to leaks in your roof, and they’re often so minuscule that they aren’t immediately detected. However, they need to be repaired as soon as possible to protect the structure itself. Innovative Construction Solutions is the best source for diagnosis and repair when you suspect you have a roof leak or when the time for your annual roof inspection arrives.

We perform leak detection with FLIR thermal imaging cameras. This tech allows us to find any leak, no matter how well hidden, in any type of tile, shingle, or metal roof! We can find the leak and even evaluate the extent of the damage without tearing into the roof structure.

In addition to the infrared thermal imaging techniques we use, we also require our techs to perform a visual inspection looking for damaged shingles or flashing, standing water, curled edges, damaged caulking, gutter problems, vent obstructions, mold, cracked paint or wallpaper, water staining, and other signs of water damage.

Understanding the Details of Roof Care

When you choose Innovative Construction Solutions, you gain the assistance of a roofing specialist who will inspect the area, provide feedback regarding the roof’s condition and repair options, and even provide those solutions from repair to re-roofing.

The team at Innovative Construction Solutions has a quarter-century of cumulative experience, high-quality technology, and a dedication to customer satisfaction and project perfection. We vet our techs and provide exceptional training.

Our clients count on us to cause as little disturbance as possible during roof repair projects. While it’s impossible to perform roof repair without hammering and other such noise, we work as neatly and quietly as possible and leave no evidence of our presence when we’re done (other than a repaired or new roof).

Once the project is complete, count on it to work well, protecting your home for decades, depending on the material you choose.

Catalog of Innovative Construction Solutions Services


  • Window and roof leaks
  • Water management
  • A/C performance evaluation
    • System performance testing
    • Air leak evaluation
    • Infrared thermal imaging diagnostics
    • Insulation inspection
    • Ductwork inspection
  • Air leaks
  • Systems testing
    • A/C performance testing and evaluation
    • Generator testing and evaluation
    • Electrical system testing and evaluation
    • Roofing and tile evaluation
  • Building envelope analysis
    • Water and air infiltration testing
    • Blower-door depressurization
    • Infrared thermography
    • Moisture mapping
    • Temperature and humidity readings
    • Roof surveys
    • Evaluation of mechanical systems
    • Construction defect investigation


  • Waterproofing
    • Window and door
    • Balcony and deck
    • Tile and stone
    • Hardie board
    • Exterior wall
    • Below grade
    • Planter
  • Window and door installation
  • Roofing
    • Concrete tile
    • Clay tile
    • Slate tile
    • Flat
    • Metal
    • Replacement

Innovative Construction Solutions offers our clients roof leak detection in Sanibel, FL, and the rest of Southwest Florida. Reach out to us online or by phone at (239) 384-5890 to schedule any of our services.