The functionality of your roof is essential to protecting your home. An undetected leak can lead to serious and costly damage. For roof leak detection near Gulf Shore Boulevard in Naples, FL, trust the expertise of Innovative Construction Solutions. With our specialized knowledge in protecting the building envelope of luxury homes throughout Southwest Florida, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

Homeowner Tips for Finding a Leak in the Roof

Roof Leak Detection Gulf Shore Boulevard, Naples, FLWhile we at Innovative Construction Solutions strongly suggest calling on our professional team to detect leaks in your roofing system, we recognize that some homeowners will attempt to do this on their own first. Allow us to provide a few tips:

  • Backtrack from the stain
  • Evaluate the attic and look at the roof from underneath
  • Check the roof from the top side – looking for shingle damage, torn flashing, or missing shingles
  • Hose the roof while looking from the inside (also works during a rainstorm), watching and listening for signals of water entering.

The most effective tip we can offer is to contact Innovative Construction Solutions for expert inspections and solutions. With over 25 years of experience in roof repair, storm recovery, waterproofing, and roof replacement, we are a trusted name in the industry. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes, our skills and integrity are second to none. We regularly assist homeowners, contractors, and legal and insurance professionals with forensic building analysis or testimony, ensuring your home is in safe hands.

The function of your home’s roofing system is to maintain its integrity. In Florida, a roof is put to the test. Extreme heat, sun exposure, winds, and humidity can take a toll on the integrity of a roof’s materials and composition, so regular inspections are vital to its continued health. By detecting and repairing minor leaks early, you can avoid substantial problems that could have been repaired earlier with far less effort and expense, making you a proactive and responsible homeowner.

Routine roof inspections, annually when signs of a leak occur or following a severe storm, can save you a great deal of hassle. Innovative Construction Solutions can provide these inspections, followed by prescribed solutions and implementation. We can even reroof your home if necessary.

Our technicians are highly trained and empowered with advanced technology. We use FLIR thermal imaging cameras that can detect the smallest hidden leaks and the extent of the damage. No other inspection method exists to find the damage we can without damaging the roof. This thorough and non-invasive technology allows us to provide the most appropriate and least expensive solution that will thoroughly repair the issue, giving you peace of mind about the state of your roof.

We respect your time and home and look forward to applying our expertise to return your property to its best-protected state.

Full Menu of Innovative Construction Solution Services:

  • Remediation Services
    • Window and roof leaks – diagnosis and repair
    • Water management
    • A/C performance evaluation
    • Air leaks
    • Systems testing
    • Building envelope analysis – water and air infiltration testing, blower-door depressurization, infrared thermography, moisture mapping, temperature and humidity readings, roof surveys, evaluation of mechanical systems, construction defect investigation
  • Construction Services
    • Waterproofing
    • Window and door installation
    • Roofing – concrete tile, clay tile, slate tile, flat, metal, and replacement

Innovative Construction Solutions offers first-rate roof leak detection, repair, and replacement to homeowners in the Gulf Shore Boulevard community of Naples, FL, and beyond. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book any of our services today.