Protect your Aqualane Shores home in Naples, FL, from the effects of sun exposure, wind, and heavy precipitation through roof leak detection provided by Innovative Construction Solutions. A home that withstands the tests of the Florida climate requires special techniques, quality materials, close monitoring, and professional intervention as needed.

About Innovative Construction Solutions

Roof Leak Detection Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL

Innovative Construction Solutions was founded in 2018. We provide a range of services designed to help homeowners manage upkeep, spot small problems early on, and remediate minor issues before they become substantial.

With 25 years of collective experience, the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions leverages its expertise in the building trades to surpass the expectations of every client.

Menu of Innovative Construction Solutions Services

  • Remediation Services
    • Window and Roof Leaks
    • Water Management
    • A/C Performance Evaluation
    • Air Leaks
    • Systems Testing
    • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Construction Services
    • Waterproofing
    • Window and Door Installation
    • Roofing

Leak Inspection for Your Home’s Roof

There are a lot of reasons why a roof will leak. It could be due to a recent storm, normal wear and tear, poor construction or installation, or something else. Regardless of the reason your roof might be leaking we’ll get to the source of the problem and help you determine the best course of action to fix it. Your service will include a roof assessment, diagnosis of problematic areas, and prescription for cost-effective solutions.

A professional leak examination from Innovative Construction Solutions using cutting-edge technology and experienced, well-trained eyes offers peace of mind. Small leaks can be hidden from the untrained eye, yet the longer they continue, the more damage will occur.

Allowing an “insignificant” roof leak to continue unchecked will cause a shocking amount of damage. The FLIR thermal imaging cameras we use allow our roofing experts to locate the most difficult-to-find leaks even in flat and barrel concrete tile and metal roofs. Finding these small leaks early on will save you thousands of dollars in repairs and untold aggravation when the damage extends beyond the roof to the wiring, insulation, and even the home’s framing.

Roof Repair Services from Innovative Construction Solutions

Quality roof repair requires genuine roof experts. Patchwork repairs are often inadequate to resolve the problem, but Innovative Construction Solutions can provide quality service that can return your roof to proper functionality.

To fully protect the roof of your home, make sure to schedule an annual roof inspection and maintenance. When your home’s roof is appropriately maintained and repaired, you can be confident that it will have a long lifespan and fewer chances of recurring leaks.

Your dream home in Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL, deserves the protection of roof leak detection from Innovative Construction Solutions. Maintaining a home in this climate can prove challenging, but we will be here when you need us. Call (239) 384-5890 to explore our services.