Take advantage of roof inspection services from Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL. Our expert technicians can assess the situation and get your roof back to optimal condition quickly, possibly helping you avoid the expense of re-roofing.

Roof Inspection Naples, FLHomes of distinction demand an extra level of attention to meet roofing and flashing challenges that do not exist on average homes. Innovative Construction Solutions works directly with homeowners and premier builders to meet these challenges and provides highly qualified specialty craftsmen who can address every detail of your job.

We are general contractors licensed by the State of Florida who provide superior technical and product knowledge for projects of all scales. Our qualified team of engineers, technically trained field supervisors and qualified installation technicians are the best in the industry.

Leak Detection Services

Innovative Construction Solutions provides roof leak detection services to help protect your property from structural damage. We employ infrared thermography using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the highest quality infrared equipment in the industry, as well as other innovative technology and time-tested detection methods to find hidden leaks in all roofing applications and recommend the best repair/restoration strategy.

Weather Damage

Florida is well-known for its high winds, lightning, and hailstorms that can instantly cause roof damage. Storms often cause branches, limbs or even dying trees to fall on your roof. Roof tiles can blow off or break when strong winds are present. Heavy wind and rain can also lead to clogged gutters.

Of course, hot and humid weather also wreaks havoc on Florida roofs. Algae growth can weaken the roof, making it structurally vulnerable. Moss also thrives in rainy and humid conditions. It spreads quickly and can cause enough water damage to make the roof susceptible to collapse. And constant exposure to extreme heat and radiation can cause your roof to deteriorate, making it roof vulnerable to cracking, warping and decay.

Roof Inspection

Whether or not you are experiencing problems with a roof, professional inspection by Innovative Construction Solutions can provide you with honest advice and peace of mind.

We will look for damage caused by a storm or severe Florida weather. Our experienced team will assess your roof, identify areas that need repair, propose affordable solutions, and help you select from a broad range of options. We can also provide an evaluation of the roof’s remaining useful life.

Our interior and exterior inspections look for damage or irregularities such as:

  • Cracked or missing tiles or shingles
  • Curling at the edges or corners of the roof
  • Damaged caulking and roofing cement
  • Gutter or downspout concerns
  • Deteriorated and loose flashing
  • Standing water on the roof
  • Obstructions in attic vents
  • Mold on exterior walls
  • Cracked interior paint, discolored plasterboard or peeling wallpaper
  • Water stains or signs of moisture

Regular roof inspections are the best way to keep your roof leak-free and in good condition. Ideally, make arrangements for Innovative Construction Solutions to inspect your roof twice a year. This will give you adequate time to make any necessary repairs before the start of severe weather.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides premium roofing services, including expert roof inspection and repair, to the world’s most discriminating homeowners and builders in Naples, FL. Get in touch with us at (239) 384-5890. We provide exceptional service every step of the way.