Humidity and moisture can be devastating to a home’s health. Innovative Construction Solutions offers residential moisture testing for homeowners in the Naples, FL, area. Our evaluations can offer families the peace of mind of knowing that their homes are safe, durable, and well-kept.

Residential Moisture Testing Naples, FLThe team at Innovative Construction Solutions brings a strong history in residential and commercial construction evaluations, remediations, and building services to every project. The moisture testing that we offer can help avoid damage from weather or structural problems.

Water obeys the laws of gravity. For building, this fact means that the property should have grade and layering of materials that encourages appropriate water shedding and drainage. Signs to watch for include efflorescence (salt crystal deposits on building materials), ceiling stains, mold/mildew, moist surfaces, paint damage, or visible corrosion.

We use a variety of techniques for finding the cause of moisture problems and creating a personalized water management solution for your property.

The Time Table of Moisture-Related Damage

Visible damage to your home caused by moisture is insidious. The damages can reach the point of significant damage by the time you see visible evidence. Building materials often act as a sponge, soaking up water slowly, drip by drip. Depending on the nature of the leak, the materials may dry out between rains, so you may not even notice signs within the home interior until the entire home is affected.

Why wait five years for your home to require massive repairs when you can address small issues as soon as they occur with regular moisture testing?

Our technicians use non-invasive methods to identify problems with moisture, including damage that has occurred. While we can spot mold and mildew issues and suggest experts to deal with the problem, we at Innovative Construction Solutions do not provide mold abatement. After a specialist deals with the mold, call us to repair the damage that they have to cause in order to remove it all.

The Cost of Moisture Damage

Early detection of moisture intrusion and the damage caused mitigates the cost of repairs. The modern building envelope is a complicated system. All pieces need to work in unison, and that’s an area where Innovative Construction Solutions shines.

Our advanced technical tools let us find the problems with moisture that could wreck your home. We use water and air infiltration testing, moisture mapping, temperature and humidity readings, infrared thermography, roof surveys, and mechanical systems evaluations. The goal is to help homeowners identify issues and address them as early as possible to avoid unnecessary repairs down the road.

Damage Caused by Moisture within the Home

Moisture leads to mildew and mold that turns airborne and travels through a home’s HVAC system. This problem can cause serious respiratory problems and must be avoided and repaired as quickly as possible. Remember to ask us for referrals for providers of mold abatement when needed.

Moisture also causes mechanical issues, wiring damage, and flooring and wallpaper damage, as well as all sorts of other problems – even irrevocable structural damage. We can find the problem and the extent of the damage, without worsening the damage

Protect your lovely Naples, FL, home with residential moisture testing from Innovative Construction Solutions. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book any of our remediation or construction services to keep your home in top tier condition.