It’s never pleasant to need residential leak detection services in Naples, Florida, of course. But the professionals with Innovative Construction Solutions will provide these services in the most effective, efficient manner possible, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We used sophisticated, advanced technology to pinpoint the source of a water intrusion, and then show you ways to solve your problem.

Leaking Air

Residential Leak Detection Services Naples, FloridaYou might not think that an air leak is a major issue, but it can really have an impact on your electric bill each month. Air leaks lead to wasted energy, which means you’re paying a lot more for your heating and cooling than you should. The reason is they have to work much harder than they typically would in order to keep you comfortable. Of course, the harder your HVAC system has to work, the larger your bill will be.

But as bad as an unnecessarily high monthly bill may be, the potential damage to your AC and heating systems could be even worse. If they have to work too hard, that means they’ll be experiencing wear and tear earlier than normal. A system that would typically last 10-12 years or so may have to be replaced much sooner.

You can avoid this scenario, however, by getting in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions. We can perform a wide variety of tests to determine where a leak is occurring. These include smoke testing, blower door testing, thermographic tests and more. Once we spot where leaks are taking place, we’ll then help you determine the best ways to take care of them for good.

Moisture Intrusion

Air leaks are bad enough – when water gets into your home, it can be a disaster if not addressed as quickly as possible. As gorgeous as Florida weather can be, if you’ve been here long enough you’ve seen your share of storms. These storms can pound a home, leading to severe roof damage as well as other problems. Even when the sun shines for days at a time, that can also lead to issues that can result in leaks.

Weather isn’t the only reason why homes develop leaks. A home may have been poorly designed, or the builders could have employed questionable construction methods. Either one of those problems could make it very easy for water to intrude into your home. When this happens, that can lead to serious consequences, such as rotting wood, soaked drywall and more.

At Innovative Construction Solutions, we have an arsenal of sophisticated tools at our disposal. For example, we have thermal imaging cameras that show the exact source of a leak. It also shows how much damage may have taken place due to that leak. We use this and other equipment to pinpoint where a leak is occurring so you can take the appropriate action. It’s important you take that action as soon as you can in order to minimize any damage – and to minimize the amount of money it will take to fix that damage.

Get in Touch for More Information

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