For dependable and appropriately functioning replacement windows in Bonita Springs, FL, choose Innovative Construction Solutions. We work for homeowners throughout the region, ensuring the complete building envelope is structurally sound. 

The windows of your home matter a great deal. Our clients rely on us to ensure that their windows are at maximum functioning through inspection and replacement as needed.

Replacement Windows Bonita Springs, FLWindow installation isn’t a job for even a skilled DIYer. Time, skill, and appropriate tools are essential to this task.

Timely Installation

The full schedule of your window installation will be directly affected by the number of windows in question. You can expect professional installation to finish a job much faster than you would be able to, typically installing about a dozen windows each day.

Leak-Free Installation

A leaky window is a destructive force. The moisture entering your home will damage your wall, rot your floor, and lead to mold growth. Professionals like those at Innovative Construction Solutions will make sure that your windows don’t leak whatsoever. 

Size Correctly

Ordering the wrong size windows is a fairly common mistake for non-professionals to make. This concern is where experience comes in handy. Just as an experienced shoe salesman knows your shoe size on sight, a professional window installer from Innovative Construction Solutions knows windows, even when the opening isn’t a standard size.

Protect Yourself from Yourself

Professional installation protects you from the mistakes and accidents that can occur during the process. If a window breaks when you’re trying to install it on your own, the expense lies at your doorstep, but if a professional breaks it, you’re covered. Professional installation will also mean that the warranty remains in place, something that may not occur should you install them yourself.

Do your windows need to be replaced?

Your replacement process may be far more complicated than a window installation. The signs that you need replacement windows may be subtle initially and grow with time. Rotted wood at the frame and surrounding areas may signal that you’ve had leaky windows for a significant period. Watch out for early signs of moisture penetration like leaks, condensation, etc.

Other signals that windows and frames should be replaced are that they no longer open and close as they should and allow air drafts. Book a window inspection or replacement with Innovative Construction Solutions for ensured functionality, energy efficiency, and visual appeal.

Innovative Construction Solutions is a BCB Homes subsidiary with over 25 years of combined experience and expertise. We offer a healthy catalog of remediation and construction services and regular work for the benefit of homeowners in the area and contractors and legal and insurance professionals who require forensic analysis or expert testimony.

With new windows, you’ll gain many benefits, including greater property value and curb appeal, increased energy efficiency and utility savings, better indoor air quality, and minimized mold and moisture. 

When we leave, the only evidence of our work will be the updates themselves; we clean up after ourselves thoroughly. Contact Innovative Construction Solutions to learn more about replacement windows or any of our other services for your home in Bonita Springs, FL. You can reach out by phone at (239) 384-5890 or online by following this link.