If you’re looking for remodeling companies in Port Royal, Naples, Florida, look no further than Innovative Construction Solutions. We are a subsidiary of BCB Homes, and we strive to live up to the reputation that follows with every project. The professionalism, expertise, and techniques that we apply daily bring our customers satisfactory results and more.

Remodeling Companies Port Royal, Naples, FloridaInnovative Construction Solutions has a level of expertise that is without comparison. Our team includes specialists across the building trades, and each member brings specialized and unique skill sets to projects as required. In addition to applying our trade appropriately, we also excel in maintaining schedules and budgets as provided while also remaining in consistent touch with our clients.

If you plan to remodel your home, the first decision you’ll need to make will be whether you want to pursue changes all at once or as a series of separate remodeling projects. Innovative Construction Solutions can handle the work either way – whether you’re a snatch-the-Bandaid or an ease-it-off person.

When you decide to pursue all of your changes at once in a whole-home renovation, you will gain certain benefits even as you face the pain of a fully upturned home for a period.

First, when choosing Innovative Construction Solutions for a whole-home renovation, you’ll save time and have your home exactly as you want. When your project is a single large undertaking rather than a series of sectional projects, we can take care of many of the steps at one time that would otherwise be repeated with each project.

We can also preserve design unity more effectively when we pursue a whole-home renovation. While we can provide a seamless look when we pursue each project separately, it can be difficult, especially if materials are discontinued or difficult to source.

How well your home works will also be improved when the remodeling is done simultaneously. We can better cater to your family’s lifestyle when we implement all of the desired home changes at once rather than over some time. Why wait for the kitchen, bathroom, or closet of your dreams?

Spend less by pursuing a renovation at one time. You may save money by chewing off one piece at a time, but you’ll cut down on costs related to administration, materials, etc.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions whether you pursue a one-and-done renovation or need to take it slower.

Innovative Construction Solutions Service Catalog


  • Window and roof leaks
  • Water management
  • A/C performance evaluation
  • Air leaks
  • Systems testing
  • Building envelope analysis
  • Roof inspection and repair


  • Waterproofing
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Window and door installation

Highlights of Innovative Construction Solutions:

  • Expert-level professionals – 25+ years of experience in the building industry
  • Impressive reputation – successful results have earned us a reputation as a leader in the building industry
  • Client-driven efforts – plans based on customer preferences
  • Focus on quality and results – plans and techniques that provide healthy, functional, durable, and appealing home results.
  • Detailed inspections – a home renovation will only be complete once our techs have inspected for any defects using the most advanced tools and techniques available.

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