Remodeling your Bonita Springs, Florida, home is an important task that should always be left to experts. Innovative Construction Solutions offers a collective 25+ years of experience, the support of our parent company, BCB Homes, and a superior process marked by advanced technique and skill.

Remodeling Bonita Springs, FloridaWhen contractors want specialists across the building trades, they turn to our staff of experts. We have a staff filled with professionals that run the gamut from engineers and architects to framers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, etc. Our team members also provide expertise for professionals in the insurance and legal fields for cases that deal with residential matters.

If you have been struck by an itch to remodel, several considerations are essential to a well-thought out plan. Before signing a contract or knocking down any walls yourself, read on for an inventory on appropriate steps to take leading up to a remodeling project.

Step One – Assess the Opportunity for Increasing the Home’s Value

A remodeling project may not begin with the intent of solely increasing the home’s value, but it should definitely be a by-product of the effort. Part of your pre-remodeling research should be the extent of the impact that the changes you have planned will have. At Innovative, we have experience in maintaining and remodeling fine, luxury homes throughout Southwest Florida.

Step Two – Consider the Community

A home’s features should remain in line with the community where it lies. The home values should fall within the same value range. Our design team can help you as you look toward monetary values attached to potential home upgrades.

Step Three – Plan for Permitting

Permits are always part of a remodeling project, but when you choose Innovative Construction Solutions, you can be confident that we’ll handle the permitting demands of the job.

Step Four – Add Some Cushion to Your Budget

The budget that you have for your remodel needs to include some wiggle room. If it’s too tight, you could be upset by adjustments that need to be made depending on fluctuating materials costs, unexpected repairs for wear that goes unnoticed until after demolition begins, and other surprise costs. A cushion will allow you to ride these expense changes without anxiety.

Step Five – Include All Details in the Contract

The building plan upon which you agree should include all details in writing. A contract should include the clear meeting of the minds and both parties’ signatures. We at Innovative Construction Solutions always take care to make sure that our clients are quite clear regarding all facets of the agreement.

No matter the scope of your remodeling project, Innovative Construction Solutions is up to the challenge. We’ll help you adopt new features, layout changes, and more with seamless results.

Avoid the delays, the run-around, and the difficulties of communication you might find with other remodeling services by choosing our tried and true service. We offer proven project management services, access to communication and updates at all times, the best materials, appropriate techniques, and a promise of quality.

Rely on Innovative Construction Solutions for remodeling of homes in Bonita Springs, Florida. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 if you’d like to learn more. We offer a wealth of inspection, remediation, and construction services for property owners throughout Southwest Florida and a reputation for satisfying results.