Property condition assessments (PCAs) in Naples, FL are integral parts of many types of transactions. Whether you’re buying or selling a residential or commercial structure, it’s very likely that you’re not going to want to proceed unless you know it’s in the very best shape possible. Innovative Construction Solutions can provide you with a detailed, comprehensive assessment that will alert you to any potential issues that may exist. When you know exactly what problems there are, you’ll have a roadmap to addressing them.

Why Turn to Our Team of Experts?

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) Naples, FLWe have a comprehensive knowledge of building science that far exceeds that of any other companies in the Southwest Florida region. Our experts know how to perform detailed inspections of a wide variety of properties, and know how to spot defects or other issues regardless of how minor they may seem to be. Even though a defect might seemingly be small, it can eventually lead to major problems that can be very expensive to fix.

Innovative Construction Solutions professionals will be more than happy to put our skills to work for you, regardless of how large or small your project may be. We are passionate about getting the job done right, and passionate about client satisfaction as well. Our team members use the latest technology to find any kinds of issues that may eventually lead to serious problems.

For example, we can spot even a small leak in a wall, roof or any other part of a building. We also have many different ways to uncover an air leak that could rob a heating and cooling system of efficiency. These are just a few of the property assessment services we offer.

  • Moisture mapping
  • Evaluations of mechanical systems
  • Thermal imaging
  • Readings of temperature and humidity levels
  • Blower door testing
  • And many others

Whatever your property assessment may be, we have the talent and tools to meet them. We will find any deficiencies that may exist, and then show you the most efficient, effective repair and restoration strategies.

Moisture and Water Intrusion Assessments

You might not realize how complex a system a building really is. Water infiltration can, over time, make a building unstable to the point to where it can’t be inhabited. What’s so challenging about this type of intrusion is that it can be incredibly subtle and gradual. You may not realize something is wrong until severe damage has occurred.

Water intrusion assessments are particularly important in an area such as Naples, since we receive so much rainfall each year. If, for example, there is a roof leak, continual rain can eventually require a complete roof replacement. By spotting the signs of a problem early, we can suggest the best ways to prevent that from happening.

We may be able to spot a construction defect, such as a roof that doesn’t drain like it should because of faulty construction practices. As a result, you can avoid the hassle and frustration of having to deal with this problem long after the transaction is complete.

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