Naples, Florida, enjoys a humid, subtropical climate that makes preventing mold growth in your home difficult. Innovative Construction Solutions provides measures that will seal your home, check for leaks, and even manage the moisture level within the home. No moisture equals no mold.

Preventing Mold in your Naples, Florida HomeTrusting the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions to handle your construction needs relies on our extensive experience and abilities. We operate on behalf of homeowners and professional builders, providing a range of services, including the inspection and remediation of any issues that could lead to water or moisture permeation. In addition, the level of expertise we provide is such that we also offer analysis, guidance, and expert testimony to legal and insurance professionals.

Inspecting for Mold-Causing Interior Humidity and Moisture

Mold within the home generally stems from uncontrolled moisture within the home. Techs from Innovative Construction Solutions use advanced technical implements to inspect structures for leaks or breaks in coverage that could lead to moisture penetration. Some of our testing measures include:

  • Air and water infiltration testing
  • Moisture mapping
  • Humidity and temperature readings
  • Infrared readings
  • Roof inspections
  • Mechanical systems evaluations

When your home’s building envelope is intact and effective, moisture will not penetrate and allow mold to develop.

Why Mold Presence Matters

The Health of Residents – Mold and its cousin mildew create significant respiratory health issues. These fungi grow when exposed to moisture, reproducing by spores that can be inhaled and spread throughout the home. Depending on the type of mold, the ensuing health issues can be as mild as sneezing and congestion and as severe as death.

Structural Damage – When mold and mildew grow within a home, the damage can be extensive. From sheetrock to flooring and beyond, you may have to hire professionals to come in and remediate the problem. Unfortunately, while we at Innovative Construction Solutions provide a wide range of inspection and construction services, we do not offer mold remediation or cleanup.

Simple Steps to Keep Your Home Mold-Free

  • Eliminate moisture in the home – think ventilation, immediate cleanup, etc.
  • Dry clothing ASAP.
  • Clean the bathroom regularly with bleach-containing cleansers.
  • Limit the number of houseplants you collect.
  • Immediately address any leaks or gaps in coverage.
  • Line open areas below the home and maintain ventilation.
  • Limit the use of humidifiers if you see condensation.
  • Employ exhaust fans placed in your bathrooms and kitchen.
  • In mold-prone areas, invest in dehumidifiers, and clean them regularly.
  • Invest in a concrete barrier on concrete floors.
  • Book regular testing and remediation from the experts here at Innovative Construction Solutions to evaluate humidity levels, prevent moisture intrusion and protect your home.

The Superiority of Innovative Construction Solutions

  • Experience and expertise – 25+ years of collective experience
  • Proven results – high ratings from the homeowners, building professionals, and legal and insurance professionals whom we serve
  • Character – We work with licenses, bonds, and insurance coverage. Ask for references, and we’ll provide them.
  • Customer satisfaction – Affordable pricing, impeccable service, consistent communication, and the high standards of our parent company, BCB Homes, delivers quality, pleasing results.

Prioritize preventing mold in your Naples, Florida home by hiring Innovative Construction Solutions. Our diagnostic and intervention methods will identify minor problems and fix them before the moisture can invade and set up residence in your home. Learn more today by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here to contact us online.