Drainage problems with your pool deck will not get better on their own, and they’ll likely require professional intervention like that provided by Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL.

Pool Deck Water Drainage Problems Naples, FLThe technicians here at Innovative Construction Solutions can identify the cause of the problem, repair the damage, and fix the issue so that it doesn’t recur. Avoid making the mistake of trying to craft a solution on your own. The problem will cause worse damage down the road that costs far more to repair.

Our team has a lengthy history of construction, renovation, and repair services for beautiful custom homes and commercial buildings. The approach we embrace is a blend of high-tech with master craftsmanship that works well for all types of structures by identifying, diagnosing, and repairing problems.

Primary issues with pool decks involve puddling, external water entering the pool, and drainage system failure. These issues dirty the pool, destroy the decking and are a safety hazard. Once they begin to occur, a solution must be implemented.

Pool water draining onto the landscaping can itself be damaging. From erosion to backwashing into the pool, puddling and drainage issues lead to significant problems. The chlorine from the pool can kill plants, and excess water can drown them.

The Slope of the Pool Patio

The pool deck’s slope should direct water away from the pool to prevent backwashing. The slope itself should be around 1/2” per foot. Issues arise when the slope is worn down and fails to perform appropriately.

Pool deck drainage systems manifest as strip, spot, or French drains. The Innovative Construction Solutions technician will advise which will best resolve your patio drainage problems or whether the deck needs to be renovated to return it to an appropriate slope.

Repair or Renovation of the Pool Deck of Your Home

We strive to help our clients improve the quality, functionality, and appearance of their homes. By fixing problems when they’re slight, we can help you avoid more expensive work in the future.

The technicians at Innovative Construction Solutions look for pool deck cracks and determine the source, and we’ll provide suggestions for small steps that will further the quality of the deck for longer.

The source of your drainage problem could range from settling or cracking of the concrete surfaces, erosion of soil, or the harshness of the Florida climate on the concrete.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides a full range of pool deck solutions to help you maintain, provide resurfacing applications, or finally replace the pool deck if needed.

Hopefully, your drainage solution comes with a simple drain addition. Allow the team here to handle this work, keeping a simple project from becoming far more complicated than it needs to be.

The 25-plus years of experience held by the experts at Innovative Construction Solutions in caring for, repairing, renovating, and replacing pool decks have prepared us to care for your pool deck.

Keep your family safe, landscaping protected, and pool water clean by correcting pool deck water drainage problems in Naples, FL. Innovative Construction Solutions has the experience and skills needed for completing the job in a discreet, effective, and affordable fashion. Discuss your project today by calling (239) 384-5890.